Olivia Rose: Toddlerhood 20 months

Thursday, September 21, 2017
Oh my goodness gracious. Olivia is four short months away from celebrating her second birthday and my goodness this girl is as fearless as can be. Seriously. Everything is a "Can i reach this?" type of scenario in our lives currently. My heart pretty much drops fifty times a day. I kid you not this dare devil mentality my child has going on came out of nowhere and it doesn't look like it's going anywhere anytime soon. Chairs, toy strollers, her sister's vanity seat, etc. Anything Olivia can use to get to higher ground, she will. She's so stealthy about it too. She has a tell though, just like most kids I'm sure. When its quiet, we go looking for her. Quiet in this house only means two things. 1) Olivia is asleep 2) Olivia is into mischief (with or without her big sister). Nevertheless, I love this phase of her toddlerhood. She's growing and she's testing the limits - they aren't always fun, but they sure do make for good memories. This past month we have definitely been more excited for her growth than sad about how quickly its happening. Our sweet girl is getting so incredibly big. She takes my breath away most days. 

New Things: Since finding out that she's being promoted to a big sister this girl is OBSESSED WITH MY BELLY. She talks to baby allll the time. Kisses, hugs, and pokes (sometimes she's gentle), you name it, Olivia is giving her mama's belly all the lovins whenever she possibly can. I'd say another new thing would be her ability to keep up with her sister more. Just a few days ago we had lunch with friends and we went out to the little indoor playground for kids... Olivia was not content with the "little baby" area they had.. no, she wanted to do all the things she saw the big kids doing. She's no longer okay with just playing with little people on the floor... nope! She's watching shows, coloring, dancing, and playing with her big sister's big girl toys just as much as she can. The independence factor is booming and its been awesome to watch.  

Milestones: I feel like I have the same milestone every single month, but the language.. it's always the language. She talks SOOOO much. She's polite, she uses her manners so dang well! She tells us when things are hers - when she's mad, a happy girl, and when its night night time. OHHH! I do have another milestone! Our sweet girl has been sleeping in her own bed in her own room consistently during nap time. I'm not sure how i spaced on that, but it has been huge. She will sleep in her room for about to hours, sometimes longer? Without waking! Bedtime is still a work in progress but I'm hoping to cross that bridge before her second birthday. 

Changes: There have been so many physical changes with our Livy bean. Makes my heart hurt when I think about the fact that her baby features are slowly fading. Her hair is getting longer and making even more ringlets of curls. Her little chubby thins are thinning out and she gets taller and becomes increasingly more mobile. Her baby cheeks are still very much there, but I often think about when that feature will slowly fade too. Sweet girl is wearing the same shoe size that her big sister worse at this age and those are the small reminders that we don't have very much time left in toddlerhood. 

♥- Leilani

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