Olivia Rose: Two years old

Sunday, January 21, 2018
Writing this out is unbelievable to me. The word I have used most often since you were born is, fleeting.
Everything you do, how quickly you learn, how well you articulate yourself... it has happened so quickly. Whenever you reach a new milestone, I jump for joy... but my heart also hurts just a little bit too. I don't rush the time with you, I actually never have. I wish you could stay little forever, and each day you are determined to show us just how much of a big girl you really are. It's funny too because I thought I'd have the upper hand on parenting since you were number two for us... boy, was I wrong. You have the biggest personality EVER and each day with you is a new learning experience.

I have cried - while you cry. I have been frustrated - while you are frustrated. I have had to rethink every single idea I ever had with your big sister because of you.. you were determined to let us know that you were a force all on your own. And you know what? We love every single bit of you. Olivia Rose, you are so incredibly strong-willed. You are stubborn, wildly hilarious, independent, and a complete toddler train wreck without a nap in the afternoon. Above all, you bring a unique sense of joy to our family, and your mama's being... I have no idea what the heck we would do without you.

This last year with you came and went so quickly. You stopped nursing at 14 months, not by choice but because daddy and I were ready to expand our family. I thought you'd go berserk, I thought it'd be like pulling teeth - BUT, as your big sister, you showed us just how well you are with change and after the first day of not being able to nurse, you were completely okay.

I often worried these last few months that with you *potentially* being a middle child, that you might show some of the common signs that those middle kiddos seem to have. The more you grow, the more I realize... we don't have to worry about a thing. I'm excited to see you hone in even more on exactly who you are AND continue to assert yourself just as you always have. If I had one wish for the second year of your life it would be that you never stop giving those slobbery big kisses. That you never stop clinging to your daddy's leg or your sister's hand whenever you feel scared. That you never stop snuggling into my chest or calling me in the middle of the night when you want me to cuddle. That you never lose your giving heart or your animated laughter.

You are completely one of a kind and I am so, so blessed to be your mother. So blessed to be raising you.

I love you so, Livy bean.

Happy Birthday my perfect, perfect girl.

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