Overshare Wednesday: Leaking

Wednesday, January 17, 2018
Someone asked me the other day what the most embarrassing part of pregnancy was this time around... and now I'm exposing myself! If you guessed by the title that this post is in regards to some sort of fluid, you would be correct. It seems the more babies I have, the worse my bladder control has become. When I cough, sneeze, or laugh too hard... yep, "spritzing" occurs. Apparently, the term for this is urinary incontinence. 50% of women will not have this issue resolve even five years after having a child. Considering in the last five years I'll have had three babies... I'm assuming my body just hasn't had the time to recover. My pregnancy will Liam has definitely made this "spritzing" even more obvious than ever before. I've even cried about it because it's just embarrassing, unsanitary, and I personally have to shower every time something like this happens. Even though I know this is common, it's still a pain the rear to deal with. 
The good news? After talking with my birth photographer and doing a little research, apparently, there is a natural method to try and resolve this after the baby comes. Womb massages! Have any of my readers personally had one? This external massage actually moves and lifts your uterus (gently) into an optimal position in your pelvis. I have read and also heard great feedback from other women who have had a womb massage before. I'm thinking about seriously giving this a go if I don't notice a difference with my situation after Liam arrives.
Something really sweet just happened while writing this; growing up I can distinctly recall my mom laughing or coughing too hard and having some of the same issues I'm writing about. Back then, I'd just look at her and be so put off by the fact that my mother was peeing on herself... and that it had become a normal occurrence since her childbearing days. Oh, how the tables have turned. I wish she was here to see this happening to me. Though I could go without, it is kind of neat to piece together this connection with mom, even now that she's gone. 
Something else I wanted to share is how I manage to leak on a daily basis. I tend to use mama cloth pads more than anything, but in a bind, I gravitate towards the huge Always overnight pads. If you are a mama with this same issue and walking around without any coverage... you are a brave soul, my friend. I myself have had a couple of good days and thought, " I totally got this" and I was totally wrong! Better to be safe than sorry. If anyone else has any other methods or advice about this lovely pregnancy leakage, shoot me an email or leave a comment below.
P.S. Yes, the picture in this thumbnail is our sweet Liam. I had a 4d ultrasound performed and those are one of the (few) clearer images we were able to get of his sweet face. 

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