Pregnancy: 31 Weeks

Thursday, January 11, 2018
I have officially reached ---> the point <--- in my pregnancy where I am feeling so incredibly uncomfortable. I can't get out of bed without feeling extreme pelvic pressure, my back aches most days, and I'm exhausted beyond belief (and I still can't seem to sleep when I have the opportunity to). The only thing that makes me completely giddy about all this discomfort is that I know we are that much closer to meeting our son. Speaking of, I had an OB appointment yesterday and I got to see our sweet boy for the first time in a few weeks (it was bliss for me). Liam is head down, practice breathing, and he's got some hair! Everything looked really good and my midwife checked my cervix to make sure it was indeed still high and closed (it is). The pelvic pressure has been concerning for me, but after being checked - I was assured that this is normal. I'm relieved that I'm healthy and baby boy is growing, so it looks like I'll be using the heating pad and maternity pillow non-stop until i deliver. 
How Far Along: 31 weeks
Nicknames for baby: Our little pickle, baby Liam, sweet boy
Size of baby: About the size of a coconut & 3 pounds 8 oz (per yesterday's ultrasound).
Gender Prediction: It's a boy! Confirmed blood test at 12 weeks AND gender scan at 15 weeks.
Symptoms: Pelvic pressure GALORE, braxton hicks, and back aches
Best moment this week: Seeing my son on the ultrasound screen. He was self soothing! Sucking on his little hand and he had his elbow propped up to better assist his hands with covering his face.
Movement: ALL. THE. TIME. Liam is either rolling, kicking, or randomly jabbing me in the bladder
Food Cravings: None, which may attribute to the fact that I've lost two pounds. Not super concerning for me, but I've definitely been picky about what sounds good and what doesn't.
Food Aversions: Marina sauce. Each time I look at it, I get queasy.
What I Miss: Being able to sleep comfortably - I literally spend most of the night tossing and turning, hence insomnia. I miss being able to sleep on my stomach or my back.
Sleep: I have experienced each corner of sleep scenarios possible at this point. My current routine is: lay down at a decent hour, toss and turn/wake Justin up/watch netflix/count sheep/ give up on sleeping comfortably/wake up/ and then tada ***insomnia hits*** It's definitely not ideal and I'm SO dang tired in the morning. Here's hoping my sleep scenario changes soon.
Justin: We finally made a decision on whether or not we plan to circumcise our son! Can't tell you how relieved I am with that. Justin signed Liam up for this "Born in Broncos Country" Newborn fan club... it doesn't surprise me one bit. Apparently they send you this authentic certificate, monthly stickers as your baby grows, and a chance to see your baby plastered all over Bronco media related things. I'd say Justin is far more excited about that than I am. A lot of Bronco related baby items have made their way into our home in the last week - even our diaper bag shows off our team spirit (thanks babe). 
Ava: Watching Ava sort through her baby brother's clothes is the sweetest. She loves to shop for blue and green things (apparently these are Liam's colors), and she comments on how small and cute everything is. I think it's been an continuous routine for awhile that Ava will kiss my belly, talk to her brother, and also include him in every conversation we have. She constantly reminds us of how proud she is of Olivia and Liam. It is the absolute sweetest thing. 
Olivia: This sweet girl literally shouts "Baby Brother" all the dang time. It is SO stinkin' cute! She feeds/burps/cuddles her own babies and it makes me seriously wonder if she'll want to help care for her brother in those same ways.
What I am looking forward to this week: Having my 4d ultrasound done at the end of the week! I really hope we are able to get a good look at our handsome boy's face.
Happy or moody most of the time: Last week I was a bit sad (my mom's birthday), but it was only for a day. Even though I'm exhausted, I wake up happy and I definitely experience tons of hilarious and worthy moments during my day. 

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