Ava is five

Thursday, May 17, 2018

First and foremost, I am so incredibly proud of you.
I have watched you find so much independence in the last year and you have absolutely soared babe. Last summer you started school and with that came uncharted territories. You have had to make your own decisions regarding conflict, your character, and the student you wanted to be. All without the constant guidance of your parents. If there was ever a doubt in your mind, please know, daddy and I are both elated and completely overjoyed with who you are. 

My goodness. Five sounds so big, as it should. Monkey bars will soon be mastered, you swim like a fish, you can clean your room to "mom perfection", and you've become so opinionated on what you prefer. You are perfectly you, matching bows and all. 

You have developed an almost innocent sense of sarcasm (thanks to your daddy), ultimate grace, and empathy larger than life my girl. You care for others so deeply and you always hold our family accountable for how we treat people. You are most definitely our moral compass. 

I am both terrified and delighted to experience your fifth year of life. Your preschool days are coming to a close. You will soon enter a world that doesn't include me nearly as much as I would like. New people will surround you that I don't know. New influences both good and bad. I take solace in knowing that we are raising a consciousness thinker and you will make decisions based on what you feel is right. 

If I could give you one piece of advice to take with you this year it would be, do not allow the opinions of others to weigh heavily on your choices. Or how you feel apart yourself. You shine, Ava, unapologetically and always. 

From the moment you were born, I have always referred to you as my game changer. This still holds true. Continue to make your mark on this world and know that we are continuously cheering for you. 

Happy Birthday, Ava bug. 

We love you so.

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