She graduated.

Monday, May 21, 2018
My first born graduated preschool today! Let me tell you, if this many tears were shed today, I cannot even begin to imagine how many tears will fall when she graduates high school. It is absolutely surreal to think about how we got here. We started off as these brand new parents worrying and freaking out about caring for this perfect, fragile, new life we've brought into the world... and then when you think you have the hang of things - you have a walking, talking, potty trained kiddo that is heading into kindergarten. I'm honestly ugly crying at this moment because it is just fleeting. Speaking of ugly crying, the tears were seriously flowing this morning. Ava's teachers had this Bob Dylan rendition video that included all the pictures of the year. Justin and Ava from dad and donuts, me and all the kids from muffins with mom. Such a perfect timeline of the year. I wish you guys could have seen her standing with her classmates today. She just looked so grown up. Justin had his camcorder steady, I had my digital camera shooting away, and Olivia had a bouquet of carnations ready to hand to our beautiful graduate. 
Her class sang songs that they'd worked really hard on perfecting, they received their diplomas, and pictures were taken all over the classroom. We topped off her celebration with cake before noon, chatter with some of her best friends and their families, and leaving the school day early. Looking back on those moments, I think Justin and I both agree it just felt amazing to relish in her success so far. She loves learning and she loves her school environment. Watching her excitement about absorbing new information is by far one of the most incredible experiences as a parent. I know this stepping stone in the grand scheme of things will be a small mark on her world, but today...
it was just so huge for us. 

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