Baby # 4

Friday, June 1, 2018
Did I get your attention? I have now successfully excited and/or shocked SO many of my readers with these baby blog titles over the years. I love it! Can you actually believe that we are now on to thoughts of baby #4? If your first thought was, "You are nuts", you may be right. It is absolutely bananas that we have three children, let alone that we've talked about trying for another. When I started writing and sharing this blog, Ava was still growing in the womb. Tell me time doesn't fly. Go ahead. But yes, talks of another (final) baby have emerged rather quickly. Some of you don't know, but I turned 27 in March. Yep, the B-I-G TWO SEVEN. Somehow, gaining a new year has made my biological clock tick more than ever inside my brain. That's weird right? I'm already a mama, with a fairly new babe no less.. and yet i still feel like my window for having more babies is coming to a close.
When Justin and I first discussed having children, we also discussed the sacrifices that we would both be making. He, of course, would continue to climb the ladder in his military career and I would take care of our babies full time. I was also very adamant about the fact that I wanted my 20's to be filled with bringing new life into our family (god willing), and the next decade - my 30's I didn't want that door to be open if we had a choice. I have so many goals I'd like to execute in my lifetime and while motherhood was at the top of my list when I married Justin, it wasn't the only dream I wanted to come true. Our babies will grow and as they grow, the demands of parenthood will shift. That's where the timing comes in... another baby presents so many choices. 
While I can be a practical thinker, family planning is not solely based off of absolute practicals. I mean, you are never *really* ready for a baby and I don't want numbers and "what ifs" to prevent us from trying again. I can't even believe I'm sharing this with you guys. Everyday I wake up and look at my twelve week old son I am reminded of how fulfilled I am with being a mama. This season of my life has been the absolute sweetest and I can't help but think of Liam being a big brother. I do have my days where the white flag is hanging high and I'm just completely over any thought of adding another precious babe to the bananas that is our life - but those days are honestly far and few. Justin said last night that he doesn't feel like Liam is our last... I guess we will have to wait and see. 2020 could be a pretty big deal for this family.

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