Bye Bye "Regular" Army

Monday, May 7, 2018
I've shared some photos, written some words, and sort of (in a round about way) explained what Justin's job entails in the Army as of late. Most of you know that my husband was a combat arms guy. Gunnery, field training, tanks, mgs' - you name the dirty work, my husband likely did it for the better part of a decade. Detailed recruiting came into the mix almost two years ago and introduced a whole new side of the Army that Justin had never been apart of.  As always, I supported him 100% with whatever endeavors he wanted to tackle next. We have always been extremely communicative and supportive when it comes to major changes in our dreams, goals, aspirations, etc - and because of that, change never really shakes us. Last year Justin mentioned that he may want to re-class (change his job) to a permanent recruiter and leave the combat world behind, for good.
Initially, I was hesitant. I mean, recruiting was never meant to be permanent and the stresses we'd experienced as a family were some of the most taxing we'd ever gone through. Even still, I encouraged him to make a decision for himself. We may be a family, but Justin is the only one that has to do the job he chooses. After many, many talks, pros/cons lists, he decided he was going to pursue the job change. ROAD BLOCK. He was shut down by his command on the job change. Apparently the "HR" of the Army decided they were not allowing promotables at Justin's rank/job to re-class to any other job. That was most definitely a kick in the stomach.
The next several months were spent discussing our options (location wise) and planning for the end date of USAREC (United States Army Recruiting Command). Little did we know, those days would not be coming anytime soon. The day after I delivered our son, Justin was asked to step up at his center in a really big way. He took the responsibility and totally wow'd his leadership (I mean, as much as you can in this organization). So much in fact that they brought up trying to re-class again. Justin went to the board (NAILED IT), got a recommendation, and received his official stamp of approval from HRC just a couple of weeks ago.
What does this mean for our family? 
1) NO MORE DEPLOYMENTS. I mean maybe if we ended up in a World War III, but outside of that - very unlikely.
2) Justin will continue to come home every night to our family (unless he has a military school to go to).
3) We can literally end up ANYWHERE. Recruiting centers are in every state, in so many different cities. There are even non-continental choices as well. 
4) Justin will be the station commander at his own recruiting center (he's doing this now, pretty much). 
5) No more block leave dates! He can request leave quarterly, and in this battalion, he can take up to 10 days at a time every three months. That's 40 days of paid vacation time a year. 
That being said, our first "wish list" choice was obviously Washington.
I AM SO READY TO COME HOME. We could very well remain in Texas for at least another year but I love knowing that home is a possibility. The girls talk about Washington a lot, so many people we love are there, and I know there are SO many things Justin would love to explore if we are able to move back. 
For now, nothing major is changing and I'm okay with that. Ava starts Kindergarten in a few months and I am so glad we are familiar with the area we live in, that she's made her friends, and that we have roots here in Northern Texas.
If you would have told me two years ago that this is the future we'd be facing... I would not have believed it. I'm so excited for our new adventures and I'm so stinkin' proud of my husband for finding something he's excited to be apart of everyday. 

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