Liam Arthur: Two months old

Wednesday, May 9, 2018
So. Fast. The last two months have just come and gone much more quickly than I realized. One day I'm snuggling your squishy newborn self in the hospital, now we have two months under our belt son. Can I just say how much I love being your mom? You remind me on a daily basis to slow down and just snuggle my babies while they are still babies. You remind me that even some of the toughest days can still be filled with so much good. So much happy. I love being your happy place and I love getting lost in you. Each and everyday your sisters talk about how perfect you are. They talk about how handsome you are. We cannot get enough of you sweet boy. We just can't.

Clothes: Not even nine weeks old and we are moving on to six month clothing. Your three month onesies are TIGHT and the sleepers are getting pretty tight too. Your well baby visit revealed that you are nearly 13 pounds already (tipping the scale at 12 lbs and 13 oz) which officially makes you our chunkiest Howland baby to date. You are still on the shorter side (genetics baby) and I cannot get enough of your chunky thighs and rolls on your neck. Because you are our first boy, mama tries to stock up on each size just as soon as I can. I thought I did pretty well before your arrival, but It seems as if I've got a lot more summer clothes to stock up on due to the weather getting warmer sooner than I would have liked.
Health: Having school-aged siblings is likely going to mean you will get sick more often (this stinks) but so far you've only had a minor case of the sniffles. Otherwise, you are in perfect health and we couldn't feel more blessed. You are hitting all of your two-month milestones as you should, you are alert, strong, and doing so well.

Feeding: Son, you can eat. You nurse more often than the "2-hour" window they claim breastfeeding babies will eat in. Most days you eat on the hour almost every hour - during waking hours of course. Since the moment you were born you had a fantastic latch. Nothing has changed, you continue to nurse and latch to perfection. You, sweet pea are my third successful breastfeeding journey and I do not take that lightly at all. It is amazing to nourish you and provide you with all of your needs. 
Sleep: You are an amazing sleeper, son! Seriously. You go down for bed around the same time as your sisters and you won't fully wake until around 6:30am maybe 7:00am? You will suckle during the night (maybe around 1:30 am or 2am?) and I will nurse you, but you never fully came to a full wake until it's time to get Ava ready for school. You take three or four naps during the day and only two of them are sound/solid/lengthy naps. Your sleep gets interrupted due to all the loud ruckus in the house (we still love you, Olivia). I love that you have followed in your sisters' footsteps with sleeping so dang well. I was warned about little boys and their lack of sleeping - you are most definitely the exception sweetheart.

Milestones: Smiling. Talking. Being alert. You do it all. You smile at just about every single person in this family ALLLL the time. I love your smile baby boy. It is absolutely beautiful. Daddy thinks that you are our smiliest Howland baby yet - he may be right. You talk so dang much and we talk right back to you. I sing to you often and you respond with your sweet little baby coos. Watching your eyes dart back and forth to activity in any room is so awesome. You are aware, alert, and you can focus your eyes on specific things so well. I have recently put all your noisemaker toys back on your baby seats and such - best decision! The bright colors seem to keep you interested.

Things You Like: You still love to be swaddled up, you love laying on daddy's chest (or mine), and you appreciate when I "bicycle" your legs to release pent up gas. You appreciate the ring sling more than either of your sisters did (to be fair I also use the ring sling so much more with you than i ever did with them). You love when daddy rubs your head or back - you fall right asleep! You are a total cuddle bug and find comfort being close to your family. Even hugs and kisses from your sisters give you a sense of safety. We love that you are such a snuggler. 

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