Banana Sushi

Sunday, July 8, 2018

I wish I could take credit for something this brilliant, but I can't. I came across this concoction while browsing new recipes for the kids.
I am constantly trying to find ways to keep food both fun and healthy - banana sushi is just that. Bananas are in stock pretty much on a regular basis in our household and while I love all the vitamins and minerals packed into such an easy fruit, sometimes it gets a little "boring" for the kids. That's why I'm so stinkin' excited about this new fan fav! It's totally kid friendly - so the kiddos can do most of the prep, and I don't have to hover while they create. The fun part is the endless possibilities you and your kids can choose from and the fact that this recipe takes about five minutes to prepare. I included some easy directions below and I can't wait to see how many of my readers create their own varieties! 
Banana Sushi
1. Peel banana (cut in half if serving for a toddler)
2. Coat banana with almond butter, peanut butter, or whipped cream cheese (whipped cream cheese spreads much better than the traditional cream cheese)
3. ***TOPPINGS** (you can definitely use your own creativity here)
*shredded coconut *chia seeds *chocolate chips *crushed graham crackers *roasted sesame seeds *hemp seeds *rice krispie cereal
roll the banana in your topping (s) until your coating is covered completely
4. Slice the banana into sushi like pieces and serve! 
Be sure to share your photos and concoctions in the comments if you happen to give this recipe a try!
Happy Sunday, all.

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