Monday, July 23, 2018

Here lately we have been presented with new opportunities to teach the kids a little more about responsibility and I LOVE what I see! We introduced responsibility when Ava was about two years old (definitely before then but intentional by two)? Justin and I both felt that she was receptive and able to incorporate this big idea into small little details of her toddler life. Responsibility for our two year included cleaning up after she played with toys, helping mama put away the laundry, or maybe helping daddy with the dishes. Now that we have two big girls in the house (and little brother not too far behind) we really wanted to focus on giving the kids more opportunities to exercise responsibility. What does this look like?
- Allowing them to pull out money from their piggy banks to pay for ice cream trips and Target dollar spot.
- Allowing them to assist with the cleaning in our home. Ava will vacuum, straighten couch furniture, clean the kitchen floors, and throw away any trash she finds throughout the house. Olivia will also help clean the kitchen floors, help mama clear plates from the table, and help her daddy put dishes away.
- Allowing them to practice their own simple hygiene routines. Washing hands, brushing their teeth (after mommy or daddy has brushed them first), brushing their hair, etc. 
- Allowing the kids to help in the kitchen! Using the mixer, whisks, stirring, etc. They love to cook and they love being able to help. 
We have recently started teaching the kids how to set the table properly and how to clear a table properly and they both are so excited about being able to do this. I know Ava was feeling like a super big girl when she poured her cold cereal this morning too! Since responsibilities look different in every home, fill me in! What are the ages of your kids and what responsibilities do they have? 

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