Liam Arthur: Four Months Old

Sunday, July 8, 2018
It. Doesn't. Seem. Possible. I will likely say this each time my sweet boy has reached a new milestone. Four months old means my peanut is closer to solid foods, crawling, and just overall growing. Growing is hard with baby #3. Not for him, Liam is doing quite wonderful... but for the rest of us, it has been so dang emotional. He is literally the light of all of our lives. We swoon over this boy and his smiles.. his baby smile is just everything. It is nothing but love and cloud 9 for us Howlands and I just feel incredibly grateful to be this little boy's mama. Even though I am literally dragging my feet with every monthly update, here are the deets! 
Clothes: You. Guys. Our son can fit into nine month clothing like its no big deal. Growing like a weed, he weighs a whopping 18 pounds and 5.5 oz. We have a big boy on our hands! Clothing is a little weird because he has such chunky thighs, so some shirts will fit great but the pants that go with an outfit might be too tight. Its tricky. I've been opting to purchase only the sport like shorts for boys. You know, the athletic kind? This seems to work best so the waistband isn't digging into my sweet boy's tummy. He's still primarily in six month sleepers, but we are definitely buying nine months and up for his outfits. I'm so curious to see what size Liam will be in come his six month well baby. 
Health: Liam is in wonderful health! He hasn't been plagued by another cold just yet and his skin irritation (we thought it was eczema or dermatitis) has cleared up for the most part. Sometimes I'll see a small flare up on his back or a patch on his upper thigh, but after liberally applying the eucerin creme for babies, it doesn't take long for his skin to be back in the clear. 

Feeding: We have encountered our first shift in feedings. Rather than only being able to go 1-2 hours at most between feedings, Liam can go about 2-3 hours between feedings if he wants to. It was weird at first, but since I nurse on demand, it hasn't been a huge adjustment for my breastmilk.
Sleep: If Liam is able to sleep on his daddy, he will literally take a nap for 2-3 hours. I mean I have taken the girls with me on a Target trip and returned home to Liam, still fast asleep. I love that he sleeps so soundly because it gives daddy time to bond with baby and it gives mommy time to either get some self-care in, or take the girls for a girls trip somewhere. At night, Liam goes to sleep around 9pm or so and he will stay asleep for at least 3-4 hours before he starts suckling - not waking up, but letting me know he could nurse. This happens again at around 4am or 5am, and then he can usually sleep well past 730am if the day allows for it. Sometimes I have to wake him up earlier, but he is sure to fall back asleep (usually in the car) by 9am. 

Milestones: Rolling over! Liam is rolling over tummy to back, but not quite back to tummy. He has started laughing in this cute little way when we play peek-a-boo with him or when we begin to sing him a song. He smiles when others are laughing, he's grabbing at everything in his reach, and his eyes will follow something that catches his gaze.
Things You Like: "Someone to call my lover" By Janet Jackson is our car song that soothes the baby tears! Thank you, Janet! You like to be held almost always, you like when we kiss your sweet cheeks, and you love being able to sit up and watch the world around you. You hate having your hands inside the sleepers with the built in gloves because you LOVE sucking on your fingers almost always. I think you like bath time now that you can sit up like a big boy and watch everything going on around you.

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