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Saturday, September 15, 2018

We made the decision to pack our kinder’s lunch for school each day and after a full month of making her lunches - total cake walk. There are so many helpful lunch gadgets and tools that make this process a lot easier and I wanted to share some of those with my fellow lunch packin’ mamas and papas.
The title of this blog refers to the lunchboxes (they are the definite star of the show) but I wanted to include the bulk of the tools we use as well.

The Yumbox Original This leakproof bento lunchbox is not only durable, but also perfect portion sized for your little one. We love this lunchbox because it is extremely easy to clean (and dishwasher friendly), easy for Ava to use without any difficulties, and it has a section for each food group. The sections for each food group hold us accountable when placing different foods in Ava’s lunch. This is definitely our go to most days and Ava just loves the “Hollywood pink” color on the outside.

The OmieBox Bento I LOVE THIS LUNCHBOX. Seriously. This thermos insulated bento box allows me to pack some of Ava’s hot lunches without worrying about the temperature zone changing on her. If you are storing hot foods, it will remain hot. If you are storing cold food, it will remain cold. I love that it also has three other really decent sized compartments that I am able to fill with other yummy foods. The best feature of this box is that you are able to remove the insulated stainless steel thermos from the lunchbox for a day that you really don’t need it (sandwich days for us). This lunchbox has allowed me to send Ava off with chicken + fettuccini Alfredo, spaghetti + meatballs, stir fry, and pizza bites. It is top rack dishwasher safe, a little stiffer than Ava’s other lunchbox, but still easy for Ava to open and maneuver during her lunch time.

Sandwich Cutters One of our absolute favorite parts about packing a lunch is making food “fun” for our kiddo. Ava loves shapes, animals, etc. incorporated into her meals and that is why we use sandwich cutters. There are so many different options you can use that literally only leave out the crust (my kids do not eat the crust anyways). There are also smaller cutters in different shapes that we use to cut Ava’s fruit. It helps with portion control and I let Ava help me with this task too.

Contigo Kids Water Bottles I cannot tell you how many different water bottles we have been through with the kids in an attempt to find bottles that don’t leak. Look no further. These cups are the real deal. Seriously. I prefer these over our stainless steel thermos bottles. Easy to use, dishwasher friendly, and NO SPILLS. I send Ava off with one of these in her lunch bag every single day.

Reusable Food Pouch I LOVE these reusable pouches! I don’t like putting Ava’s yogurt in her lunchbox compartments… I feel as if its harder for her to eat her yogurt that way when she’s used to tubes of yogurt or yogurts with tops and this is the perfect solution. Not only do we use these for yogurt but we also use these for veggies and smoothies. They work perfectly for snack time during the last bit of Ava’s school day.

So there you have it! This is what we use to execute a successful lunch each day of the school week. Check out the links I included below. These products aren’t just great for packing daily lunches either. They could work for field trips, outings out, or just any pack and go kind of day.

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