Liam Arthur: Six months old

Saturday, September 8, 2018
Baby boy, how did we get here? I dreaded the days prior to this blessed milestone because this makes you exactly one half of one year old. It seems like this last month you’ve just achieved milestone after milestone and while I am so incredibly happy to watch you grow, it hurts so much. Your life has been lived at such a warp speed baby. I wish the time would just slow down. Even if only for a moment. Every second with you has been such a blessing and I thank God for your continued health, growth, and joy you bring to this family.

Clothes: We have been shopping for 12 months clothing and 18 months clothing as of late. Peanut doesn’t have his well baby until the end of the week so I’m unsure of his current weight (I’m pretty positive he’s over 20 pounds at this point). Liam has these thick, roll filled thighs and that’s what makes the sizes a little more tricky. He still fits into nine month clothing, but I can tell they are getting a bit snug. Sleepers and pajamas will soon be switched out and 6-9 month clothing will most definitely be at thing of the past come October.

Health: My Liam lamb had his second cold just a week ago. His sister inevitably brought home some strain of a cold from school a couple weeks ago and it made its way through the household. Our boy was a champ and spent maybe one to three days with a stuffy nose and lots of sneezes? That was the extent of it though. He nursed quite a bit more during his sick days and I know that mama milk likely helped my baby boy get back to good health a lot sooner.

Feeding: Liam experienced solid foods for the first time today! We gave him sweet potatoes and he didn’t seem to care for them. His facial expression were hilarious, but he took to eating from a spoon + solids a lot easier than I anticipated. Nursing has been a little weird lately because our boy is teething. He doesn’t want to nurse unless he’s actually hungry (decreased comfort nursing) and he prefers me to rub his gums or hold him tight when he’s trying to fall asleep. I don’t mind it though. He prefers different methods of soothing than his sisters did and its been a sweet change of what I’m used to around here.

: I officially jinxed myself. I’m not sure I’d say its a sleep regression but this boy has been having a difficult time going down for bed at night. Normally, Liam nurses and falls asleep no problem. Lately, he’s fighting his sleep even though he’s clearly tired. Once he’s asleep though, he sleeps through the night (which is still very much appreciated). I’ve never had a hard time getting my babies to sleep, so this is definitely giving me a run for my money. I almost put Liam in the carseat to take a drive (something we have literally never done in parenthood). I’m hoping once teething lets up, his normal sleep pattern resumes.

Milestones: This boy is SO CLOSE to rolling over from back to tummy. He turns to his side, but he doesn’t allow himself to fully turn over. Liam cut his first tooth this month as well! We can see it, we can feel it, and I can’t wait for it to break through. Aside from him having a challenging time going to bed at night, there have been no others signs of discomforts in regards to teething (hallelujah). When I put Liam down for tummy time he is moving all around. He can scoot his body to the far left or right of wherever he is and I’m impressed. Maybe he’ll be crawling soon?

Things You Like
: I’ve noticed that my boy appreciates conversation a lot more than ever before. I talk to him about pretty much everything and to watch his sweet little face light up - man, its everything. He enjoys having his name called and scanning a room for your face. He loves to play peek-a-boo, suck on mama’s jewelry, and watching all the fans/mobiles turn round and round. You love some good music. To name a few of your fav jams? Dancing on my own by Calum Scott. Someone to call my lover by Janet Jackson. God’s plan by Drake. Downtown by Macklemore.

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