An open letter to my virtual village

Wednesday, September 26, 2018
As we prepare to move our family over 1600 miles back to the state we consider home, I can’t help but think about how different things will be. For starters, we will be near family again. Having grandparents over will be a normal thing, attending the birthdays of the many cousins our family has will be a normal thing, and having tangible support will be a normal thing. The kids will be able to build bonds, spend time, and enjoy some of the people that shaped and impacted me at their age. I will once again be in a space where I trust people to watch my children without me there. Justin and I can have our date nights back. I mean, there is just so much we will be able to do with this move… but let me pause.

These last two and a half years have been some of the hardest fought I’ve experienced so far in my life. In the last two years I experienced my first time being away from our military friends turned family. I experienced being away from a military base for the first time, being away from military normalcy, in addition to being away from my family. This move was hard. I was transplanted into a world that offered zero familiarity. I was able to maneuver it with my husband of course, but also, thankfully, the support and love from those via social media, email, text messages, and phone calls. You guys don’t know how much all of that love and support meant to me throughout our time here. You had no clue that reaching out to me was a life line i so desperately depended on. You had no idea that so many of your uplifting words and constant conversation kept me sane.

When I worried about my girls whenever they got colds- I was instantly flooded with prayers, good thoughts, and good people reaching out with homemade chicken noodle soup recipes. When Justin got a big promotion this past year, we were, again, flooded with so many good vibes and good people congratulating my husband on his achievements. When we lost one of our twins this last pregnancy… I’m trying not to get emotional here… FOR DAYS, people reached out, sent cards in the mail, messaged me, called me, posted on my facebook.. I had such a HUGE blanket of love over my family.. it was the most overwhelmingly beautiful expression of support we could have asked for being so far from our loved ones.

So, thank you, virtual village. For basking in our highs, and leaving your arms wide open for support during our trials. I am someone who enjoys unplugging when she needs a hard reset, but i also enjoy all that social media has brought to my life. It has aided in sustaining some of the strongest relationships I have. It has allowed for me to let those we love watch our kids grow. It has created a space for me to watch others grow professionally, within their family, and as individuals. This village I have around me... it is incredible and I can’t express enough gratitude.

It truly takes a village and I am better for it.


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