Liam Arthur: Fourteen Months Old

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Oh, Lamby. 14 months old and I couldn't be more smitten with your emerging personality. You are comparable to a wrecking ball these days. You love to climb up on everything and torpedo your way off of them. You love to yell when you don't get the attention you want, at the moment you want it, and you recently started giving the best sloppy baby kisses ever. You've also started toddler tantrums and you will literally lie on the ground and cry when something has upset you. Time hasn't slowed down a bit but I guess you could say all my emotions have. I can't believe it has been almost one and a half years since you joined our family. We have this calm normalcy that I never would have imagined would come so gracefully this time last year.

Clothes: Liam is wearing 24-month clothing! The length of 18-month clothing seems to work, but everything else is pretty snug. With the nicer weather upon us, we are putting our boy in lots of cute summery clothing. I have enjoyed buying swim trunks (we opted for a nice blue whale set) and all the toddler boy color palettes for this time of year.

Health: Besides the occasional cold, Liam has remained healthy overall. Having a grade aged sibling has certainly wreaked havoc on the immune system (for our entire house) but we have worked through it like champs! We are so grateful that our boy is growing, happy, and overall healthy. His eczema flare-ups seem to be a lot less lately. We haven't been to his PEDS in a couple of months but I think we might look for resources that lead us to a more homeopathic route. I've read lots of information about a company that utilizes honey as their base for a balm.

Feeding: Liam is our BEST eater to date. I kid you not, this little boy is a total champ. He loves steak, ground beef, peas, green beans, mashed potatoes, chicken, yakisoba, rice, strawberries, kiwis, blueberries, cheerios, salmon, tilapia, shrimp, etc. Our lamby has seriously blown us away with how many different foods he is willing to try. Liam isn't totally sold on cow's milk yet but I continue to try. You are still breastfeeding and show no signs of self-weaning. Liam can drink out of a sippy cup now and often requests one when he sees that his sisters' have "big kid" cups. He doesn't really care for eggs (not scrambled, not hard boiled) which is a bummer but I'm not complaining. I can't wait to see what new foods we try in this next month and which ones our sweet boy loves!

Sleep: Liam is still an amazing sleeper. He takes two big naps during the day - one at around 1030ish-1ish (give or take about a half of an hour) and another one around 4ish-5ish if he can get one in between dinner prep. He heads to bed around the same time as the girls and wakes up at around 7ish in the morning while I'm prepping Ava's lunch. We are blessed! Three times around and all the kiddos have been awesome sleepers.

Milestones: Liam took his first steps! He's standing up on his own, mainly still crawling, but he'll definitely be full-blown walking soon. Our boy can say so many words now! "Go, No, Mama, Baby, Dada"  and a couple more that I haven't fully been able to decipher (apparently the girls have). He's finally decided to take a liking to bathtime ( I could sing the hallelujah chorus) and loves the water (we recently took him swimming at a pool party and he had a blast)! He dances like a pro - he loves everything from nursery rhymes, pop songs, country, and even some of his dad's rap music. He loves playing with his taco truck, building blocks, and throwing everything out of his sister's dollhouse.

Things You Like: You still loved to be snuggled and held. You've taken a liking to blades of grass between your sweet feet. and you love when mama and daddy kiss your little fingers and cheeks. Car rides are still your jam and you fall asleep SO EASILY and without missing a beat. You don't care much for sweet treats (zero complaints) but you will take a bite of frozen yogurt from time to time. You like french fries when we are eating out and you mainly like to sit near your daddy.

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