Liam Arthur: 15 months old

Saturday, June 8, 2019

This month absolutely flew by. I feel like I was just writing up your fourteen month milestones and here we are again. The last month proved to be quite interesting, to say the least. You took your first steps, but instead of full-fledged walking, you only take one or two steps at a time when you feel like it. Everyone told us that boys were a different experience and you are certainly showing us how true that is. All in your own time. I'm not worried because you've always achieved milestones in your own time but your daddy certainly is. He's been a worry wart with you right from the very start sweet boy.

Clothes: Summer is here! We had our first 90-degree day this week and I'm so thankful we are prepared for the warmer weather. 24-month clothing fits great and Liam is rockin' shorts, tanks, swim trunks, and those cute little one piece outfits with various whales, sharks, and dinosaurs. I try to dress him in clothes that cover his chest so he can't scratch at it (eczema flare-up) and that's proven to be only a little more challenging with the summer clothes.

Health: Our sweet lamby is in the best health. He's strong, he's currently cutting teeth right now (story of his life), but he's taking that in stride. I'm so thankful for this baby and his continued good health. We have his well baby in a couple of weeks and I'm excited to see how much he's grown (because I know its probably a good bit).

Feeding: Liam continues to *wow* us with his selection of foods. He will eat almost any veggie,  meat, grain, etc. We've recently started incorporating almond milk (he doesn't care for cow's milk) and that's been interesting. He will drink some but after a few sips of the take and toss cup, he will quite literally toss the milk out of his mouth... onto his clothing or high chair. I've started being intentional with giving forks and spoons with meals, his own toddler cup, and his own plate ware. I really want to get our boy familiarized with not only our meal times and how we operate them, but also what we use when we are taking in a meal.

Sleep: 15 months strong with fantastic sleep behaviors! I am so thankful that this little boy is a rockstar sleeper. We are still co-sleeping and likely will be for the next several months. I think the real key to our kids and their sleeping success is that we co-sleep. It has never bothered us and it makes for solid sleep for our little ones.

Milestones: Liam can say some new words, including, "Ava" though it sounds like "aya" right now! Liam loves calling to his big sister and Ava loves responding. At random, you will crawl or step to daddy or big sister Olivia and embrace them in the sweetest hug. Then you proceed to give open-mouthed kisses and it is absolutely the sweetest thing. Liam understands words like, "no, more, and clap." It is so cool to watch my son learn what those words mean rather than relying on a gesture to show him. Our big boy uses the Contigo water bottles his big sisters use! This was so fun to see that he's ready for it. We have never used bottles with any of our babies, we always go straight into sippy cups and the take and toss cups - Liam surpassed them for the most part.

Things You Like: Liam absolutely loves playing with the basketball right now. He will scoot it all around the house. He loves climbing the stairs (which always gives mama a semi-heart attack), and he loves terrorizing his sisters' beloved doll house and accessories. Here lately lamby has been coloring on those magnetic stencil boards and wowing us with his artwork. Children sing-a-longs are still golden but he definitely prefers his daddy's music.

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