Their Daddy

Sunday, June 16, 2019

Brace yourself, folks. This is going to be a massive thank you.

Justin Howland is worthy of every single word and we appreciate the heck out of him. *SIX YEARS* of fatherhood and I still don't know a single father on earth that holds a candle to you. You are, quite literally, the stuff of dreams. I mean that, truly and honestly. You are kind, loving, patient, active, constant, involved... you are our kids' favorite person on the planet. You are their teacher, their confidant, their guidance, and the person they look for at every extracurricular activity for a thumbs up or a kiss blown. When Ava wanted to quit riding her bike because she couldn't get it - you were there to remind her to get back on and try again. When Olivia wants to be picked up and held 1,000 times a day (even after the most grueling of days for yourself), you pick her up and hold her. When Liam is overtired and nursing will not assist him in finding his content, you are there, holding and swaying until your arms are numb.

You have so MUCH compassion when it comes to your kids and I know that I have fallen in a deeper love with you because of it.You have never QUIT ON YOUR KIDS. Never. You never made excuses as to why you couldn't show up and you never short change them. In a world where parents are full of excuses, maybes, and "I'm sorries" - you are not that dad. You don't routinely have to apologize because although you are human and make mistakes, no two are the same... our babies see that. They see that you work hard, they see that even when you work hard you STILL show up for award assemblies, choir concerts, and other kids' birthday parties.

They see you making the extra effort to cut their pancakes into hearts, memorizing their favorite kid t.v. shows, answering face time calls in the middle of a hectic work day... they see you. I see you.

Thank you for being one in a million, babe.

We love you to the moon and back.
We love you more than all the fish in the sea.
We love you 1 MILLION Swedish fish.

We love you.

Happy Father's Day.

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