Tuesday, August 6, 2019

SFC Howland, we are so proud of you.

Justin left for station commander school three and a half weeks ago; needless to say, it's been rough over here for me and the kids. The last time Justin left for a significant amount of time was nearly a year ago. Crazy, right? The recruiting side of the Army has continued to be so good for our family. In his absence, it has been most difficult for my Livy bean. She's 100% a daddy's girl and without her favorite guy... she's been a little sad. It is the absolute worst seeing my baby girl cry. Thankfully, we've had lots of swim lessons, children museum days, and family time to fill in the gaps while daddy has been away. Speaking of, Justin found out a few days ago that after two full years of waiting on the promotion list... they finally picked him up! YES! My sweetheart pins E7 on Monday, and he returns home tomorrow. I cannot wait to celebrate this man. He deserves this promotion and I can't wait to watch Ava pin him.

I wrote that top section prior to Justin pinning. He pinned yesterday and the experience was everything I thought it would be. I am SO dang proud of this man. He made 7 in less than 10 years and before he turned 30. I know that's a huge deal for him. I cannot wait to see where he goes and what he does over these next 10 years. I know I'm pretty biased, but watching my husband's professional and personal development mold the excellency of his leadership has been such an incredible growth to witness. The Army needs more leaders like this one.

Congratulations, babe.

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