Liam Arthur: 17 months old

Thursday, August 8, 2019

Liam Arthur, how did we get here? We are thirty days out from closing in on the first year and a half of your life- I can't handle it. 

Each day I hold you a little longer (which is almost impossible to do since you are running around full force as of late), I make sure to savor those sweet baby kisses, I hold your soft little toddler hands... I enjoy you, as you are. I know better than anyone that babies do not keep, and I know you will soon be joining your sister in the realm of "big kids" and toddlerhood will be just a collection of my sweet memories. I love you, son. 17 months old and continuing to grow so, so quickly. 

Clothes: Liam is wearing 24 month clothing (same as the last few updates) and I imagine this won't change for a little while. He is walking now, which means the baby chub will subside and he will even out or possibly plateau for a little while. I'm excited for the fall season that will soon be approaching in the Pacific Northwest. Cardigans, toddler vests, and all things holiday dress up? This mama is SO excited! 

Health: Aside from some serious teething going on lately, this boy is in tip top health. He's so happy and joyous almost always. We couldn't feel more blessed for the good health of our boy.

Feeding: Everything but the kitchen sink is so unbelievably fitting for my toddler. Seriously. He can put it away and not just the average cereal or blueberries.. but he will eat savory foods, seasoned foods, cultural dishes, etc. I am literally blown away. When we eat out, I never worry about Liam going hungry because the menu lacks "kid" options. 

Sleep: Liam has had at least a handful of thirty minute naps in his crib since our last update. It's still not something I'm totally comfortable with, but I know that a little exposure isn't going to hurt him. I imagine we will be weaning in the coming months and when we wean, we will be put co-sleeping to an end as well. Well at least primarily. I have a really aching feeling that ending co-sleeping is going to be hardest with my littlest love. His sister's had a really rough night the first go round, but after that they were smooth sailing. I think Liam's adjustment is going to require more than just one night, so I'm taking that into consideration alongside weaning. 

Milestones: He is still copying pretty much everything he sees, but at a more advanced extreme lately. Vacuuming (as you can see), trying to dress himself, and *attempting* to unplug cords from sockets. Liam also started feeding himself, quite well I might add, with spoons and forks. It's a mess, as you can imagine, but he gets the job done all the same. I'm so proud of him! Watching his exert his independence is always such a heart warming sight for me to see. 

Things You Like: Liam enjoys playing hide and seek.. though his lack of quite usually results in him being found rather quickly. He loves building with blocks, playing dinosaurs with his sisters, and using chalk to make squigglies on the chalk wallpaper. Our boy absolutely loves the water and I imagine we will be getting him in parent/baby lessons here pretty soon. 

Everything has been a dream with this beautiful baby love of ours. I still can't believe we are here already. Fleeting, indeed.

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