Liam Arthur: 20 months

Friday, November 8, 2019

Our son has grown so dramatically in the last couple of months that it is overwhelming to discuss. Let alone write about.
This is likely why I didn't write up a 19 month old update. But let me tell you, Liam is so exceptional, you guys. Absolutely and positively exceptional. I find myself just paused in our moments with him, soaking up every once of our son. He's smart, funny, caring, and curious... he's really coming into his own. Our son is a talker. My goodness he will babble forever and a day. Liam has recently taken to holding onto one specific toy and wanting to have it always. It has been a doll baby lately, a phone, and a set of frozen keys. He loves his specific toys and will cry when he doesn't have them when he wants them. He's so receptive, always doing as we ask, or responding to the simple requests of his sisters. He mimics like you wouldn't believe and he is extremely empathetic to feelings. If you are hurt or crying, he will come and hug you, kiss you, or tap your shoulder with empathy. His laughter illuminates the room and his smile makes you believe in humanity, once more. We are so blessed.

Clothes: 2T clothing is where we are these days! Gearing up for winter months means jackets, coats, and thermals. We have decided to stop purchasing 24 months because they are getting just a smidge too tight for our boy. I'm really loving all the holiday outfits they have for little boys. I tend to lean more towards argyle sweater vests and button downs. Our boy looks so handsome in his holiday spread.

Health: We have a very healthy, growing little boy on our hands. He did have a stuffy nose a few weeks ago, but that has been the extent of our sickness around here. His last well baby visit (18 months) he was updated for all the vaccines we do subscribe to and he was in very strong margins on the well baby chart. We don't have another well baby until he's two!

Feeding: Liam continues to eat almost everything and anything. He loves his veggies, most fruits, and still stays away from dairy things (minus string cheese) and eggs. I really think we might get a work up to see if he has allergies in either of these food groups. I kind of think he doesn't because when he does indulge in yogurt or accidentally swallows a scrambled egg, he doesn't break out or have any symptoms.

Sleep: Liam recently went through a growth spurt... sleep was impacted! It was a two week stretch of waking in the night. We are really glad that is over. at 20 months our son is still co-sleeping and has since the day he was born. We have tried out the crib a handful of times and have decided to just convert the crib into a toddler bed for nap purposes. With the layout of our current home, both Justin and I don't feel comfortable having Liam sleep independently right now.

Milestones: Liam's vocabulary continues to expand pretty rapidly. He can say things like: I love you, oh no, bye bye, mommy, daddy, bad, hello, Ava ("AYE-UH), Peter, and the list goes on and on. Our boy can also blow kisses, clap at every appropriate moment, he can function the Roomba and and Ipad (not sure those are things we should applaud at this age?). Liam will point to things he's discussing or trying to let u know. He's a risk taker, much like his sister, and has learned to walk down the stairs with the help of a parent quite well. He can climb on and off our sectional, mom + daddy's bed... he tries to climb on his sisters' beds and sometimes he's successful. I'm not totally sure this dare devil phase is leaving anytime soon.

Things you like: Liam continues to love all music, he loves being cuddled up, he loves his little baby doll -- he loves being with his family. In the last few weeks Liam has fallen in love with the movie. "Peter Rabbit" and as it stands, our children know every single word. I've watched my son engage in pretend play with his siblings and his taco truck. He loves the song twinkle twinkle little star and can sing it quite clearly and vividly.

So much growth since our last update and I continue to be amazed with our little one.

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