Christmas 2019

Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Every Christmas is special, but this year was definitely one of my favorites.

Justin and I celebrated our first Christmas together, 10 years ago. Can we let that sink in? We have officially celebrated over a decade of holidays together. That's pretty monumental for me. As the years have gone by, we have found new traditions that have carried into each new year and that is so much fun to reflect on. We have grown so much (by 3 little humans to be exact), and Christmas morning is one of the most pure and exciting experiences of my adult life. We woke up to the girls running down the stairs, into our room, squealing about the fact that Santa had truly come! Ava whispered, "And he brought us presents!" in all her sweet six year old innocence. Olivia shouted, "Ava woke me up and its true, mommy! We have a lot of presents! We were really good." Justin is the absolute best. He shot out of bed, excited and equally as surprised as both of our girls. I love that about my husband. He celebrates their joy just as much, if not more than our babies. We all got out of bed and immediately went into our living room. I'm not quite sure how the kids know which section of gifts to gravitate towards, but they almost always find their way without needing parental guidance. I watched Ava unwrap her presents so neat, and matter of fact, in Ava fashion. Olivia tore right in, but still managed to linger longer than anyone else on one single gift. Liam didn't have an interest in unwrapping and Justin actually unwrapped more of Liam's gifts than Liam did.

Though he did warm up to the idea a few presents in, he totally shocked us with his lack of care. Once the presents were actually exposed, our boy was ALL over that. After a few gifts were unwrapped, I heard Ava say, "Wow! I got everything on my list. Well, except for Prince Phillip but thats okay. I got a lot of stuff." Warmed my heart to hear the appreciation after. And that's really a big focus for us overall. Appreciation. While the kids were unwrapping their gifts, Justin and I exchanged presents. I had given him a $20 max for gifts for me and he delivered! I got my very own, custom made, ribbon tied, "LOVE" coupon book. It's absolutely amazing. I can tell Justin spent time on it because there isn't any evidence of chicken scratch, flaws.. it's pure gold! And these types of gestures absolutely make my heart melt.

The truth is, this Christmas, I did not want for anything. When I think about that, that idea is huge. I live a life that has afforded me all I need and more. I do not want for anything. There is nothing that could have been wrapped under the tree that would have moved me more than the sight of my family. To be at this place in my's, it's incredible. I took a moment of reflection while I watched the kids try and open the toy packages. While I watched Justin gather the shreds of wrapping paper. I just took in Christmas morning and all I could do was smile SO big.. and then I knocked out for like an hour, haha! Thank goodness I married a trooper. Justin managed to get the kids breakfast, find the appropriate batteries for their toys, and play alongside them.

In the afternoon, we headed over to my cousin Kimi's house. We love being around family, especially this specific part of our extended family. The food is always amazing, the company is even better, and the energy is something I wish we all had. We spent our night laughing, exchanging gifts, eating, and truly just enjoying family. It was the perfect way to spend our Christmas. When we headed for home, it was 32 degrees outside. The winter frost was in the air and I couldn't help but take a deep breath and take it all in. We had a wonderfully delightful day.

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