When "this" is over

Friday, March 27, 2020

This week we've talked a lot about our plans, goals, and dreams after the covid-19 wave is no longer a threat for us.

Justin and I did some research on national parks and thought we might like to take a family road trip. Yellowstone was a suggestion and it is certainly within our reach. I think that's where we'll be spending some time this summer. I did some googling last night and I was just in awe of the natural beauties the kids would get to experience. They've also NEVER driven through Montana (this is TOTALLY intentional, by the way) and I'm sure being in the state where I've shared my most boring road trip stories (thank you, Billings) will be a real treat for my family. I miss exploring with them most. Whether we are on a mountain, toes up against the ocean, or driving around past our favorite cities... I just miss exploration with my family. If you were to ask Ava what she'd like to do when "this" is over, she'd tell you everything and anything with her parents -- outside of the car or subdivision. Since March 13th, my kids have not stepped foot outside of our subdivision or car (if we happen to leave the house with the kids in tow).

That's a weird reality for my baby girl. Well, all of the kids. We are an active family that is constantly on the go and now... now, we are not. I didn't realize how much of a toll that's taken on Ava until she made her comment. But, I want that for her too. I want to take my baby places with me, whether its the grocery store or some retail therapy -- just us two. I want to have our frozen yogurt dates back and our quick Target runs. I want to take my girls to their swim classes and wave to Patricia (the friendly greeter at the Y) as we head back to their favorite showers in their favorite section of the locker room. I want to make our weekending trips a reality once more where we make a 3 hour drive just to see an iconic rock featured in a movie that i watched so, so many times when I was their age. I want all of those things because while they aren't everything, they do fill our cups to some degree. This quarantine is proof of that. 

When we asked Olivia what she's looking forward to after "this" is over, she said... "I'd like to do ballet, mom. But really do ballet, not just say we are going to do ballet." Ouch. I can't blame her. She's been involved in two other activities and my reasoning for holding off a little while longer with ballet was merely scheduling conflicts. I told her once we finished this wave of swim, we could switch things up. As luck would have it, we never got to finish this wave of swim because the "Y" had to shut their doors to comply with the governor's orders. I will make that a reality for my sweet middle little when "this" is over for us. I asked Liam what he wanted to do or how he'd feel when "this" is all over and because he's two... he smiled at me, showed me his toy car, and chased after his sisters all throughout the living room.

I'm glad he's not old enough to understand whats going on in the world around us. That's one less child I have to reassure that we will be okay. I can't even begin to explain to you guys how hard our conversations are surrounding quarantine and just the corona virus in general. I can't lie to Ava. She knows why she's not able to go to school. Of course she's had questions and we've tried to answer them appropriately, without exposing her to too much of the heartache that is attached with this pandemic. They are only little once. ONCE. And it is with that in mind that I will continue to shift the gears -- focusing on when "this" is truly over and all the great adventures and milestones we will embark on.. 

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