Friday, July 31, 2020

Friends, I cannot believe I am writing a pregnancy announcement for the last time. Once again, Justin and I have managed to beat our infertility and conceive another sweet baby. 
We feel so dang blessed. It has been eight years since we actively sought out the aid of reproductive endocrinologists and we have SO many thanks to give to these knowledgeable doctors. I wanted to take a moment to list those that had a helping hand in helping us conceive our babies.
Dr. Blohm -- Savannah, Georgia. Our first introduction to all things infertility, reproductive work-ups, etc. We could not have been more blessed to be under the care of a provider that knew what he was doing. I never much cared for the lack of bedside manner, but we did leave his office pregnant (on the first round) with our perfect and beautiful, Ava. 

Dr. Barker -- Tacoma, Washington. SUCH A genuine and intelligent woman. Always listening, taking our thoughts into consideration, and following the guidelines we had taken to conceive Ava. She was by far my favorite for many reasons. She helped us conceive Olivia, with really minimal effort. Seattle Reproductive Medicine will always have a special place in our hearts. As well as all the wonderful nursing staff -- thanks a million, Lexie. 

Dr. Julian Escobar -- Mckinney, Texas. I loved him from the moment we met. He was so incredible, easy to speak with, and wasted no time in getting the ball rolling in helping us conceive our Liam. Much like my experience with Dr. Barker, Dr. Escobar was flawless. I overstimulated quite a bit with this cycle but ended up with a healthy baby boy in the end. We could not be more grateful for the assistance and care we received. 

And now, back to Dr. Barker, as we were being seen at Seattle Reproductive Medicine to conceive baby #4. I'm so glad we were able to end our fertility journey in my favorite practice with my favorite provider. This will make two Howland babies born in Washington State and I am tickled about it. 

I ended up taking a pregnancy test on July 29th. This was only 10 days past ovulation and it resulted in a faint line. I proceeded to take 3 more tests? All the tests showed faint lines. I thought about keeping these results to just my family but then I thought about this being the very last time that I get to delight in taking pregnancy tests and deciphering two pink lines or seeing digital reads, or blue lines -- basically, the entire experience that is nervously awaiting to see if you are pregnant. My nurse put in a work order to have me do a beta draw on July 30th, 11 days past ovulation, and those results also showed a positive pregnancy test via blood. HCG level was 13.3. Still pretty low but its also still really early to be testing.

Today, July 31st, I took a clear blue digital test that read pregnant at 5a.m. this morning. My heart was beating SO fast, I was shaking, waiting for the digital lines to move closer to the end of the screen. And then I saw the words, "pregnant" and I cried. Justin and I are having another baby... but also, we are having our last baby. It feels absolutely surreal to say that.

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