20 Week Anatomy Scan + Name Reveal

Tuesday, December 1, 2020


Tatum Leilani Madrid Howland. 
Tatum means bringer of cheerful joy and this little girl has brought our family so much joy in such a short time. Leilani is after my mama (it was her middle name as well as my first name) and it means heavenly flower. Madrid -- a second middle name for our miracle baby (also the first of our children to have a second middle name) is the last name of the surgeon that saved both of our lives. The surgeon met with me medically and personally during my time in ICU and generalized hospital care. She hugged me while I cried and truly reinforced my faith, reminding me of all the way God's hand let these skilled professionals to spare my life and my viable unborn child. Of course, you guys know our last name is Howland but this little girl is the 4th and final baby that will join and complete this family.

I shared the name reveal with our family and friends prior to writing it on the blog. Everything about this pregnancy feels so personal and we are reacting as such. Everything about our experience this go-round has been so foreign to everything we've ever known in pregnancy and it's been so important to both Justin and me to allow ourselves to process this baby and her health and our family the best way we see fit. After getting a second clean bill of health at my 20-week ultrasound a small part of me can rejoice in the fact that my girl is a medical miracle. She has overcome SO much in these last five months and I'm just so dang delighted she's growing and that she's ours. She is weighing in at nearly a pound right now and she is in the 53rd percentile for her growth! The numbers are great. 

More than ever before, I believe that women are the strongest beings roaming the earth. I believe that the uterus is the most underestimated organ on the planet. I believe that fragile life can survive catastrophic experiences. I believe that my body was specifically designed to grow and birth healthy, special, incredible human beings.

I cannot wait to meet my little tater tot. 

We love you so much our little miracle baby girl. 

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