Ava Bug is 9

Monday, May 16, 2022


My sassy, brave, witty, intelligent, nine-year-old.

Oh, my Ava. I had to take a literal pause just now because of course, your mama is an emotional wreck. Watching you begin your 9th year around the sun has left me feeling equally proud and in complete admiration. Without warning, you stepped into this version of yourself that looks more like you and less of what people expect from you. The shift in that dynamic of your identity has my heart doing summersaults. Stepping into your own, being proud of what you are and WHO YOU ARE, being unapologetic about your boundaries, comfortabilities, and your complete swear-off of formal dresses (ouch for the mama heart just a pinch) — I’m over the moon, kiddo. Having a front-row seat to the life of one of my favorite people roaming the earth is an absolute dream come true. You are our dream come true. Thank you for always reminding this family to love without limits, extend generosity, and the power of forgiveness. I learn so much from you on a daily basis and as your mama, it is the most humbling part of raising you. I hope your last single-digit year affords you all the happiness + joy in the universe, infinite love/passion/laughter, and all the room you need to continue to grow into the incredible human being you were always going to be. My game-changer. My future “bestie for the restie” My love for you is larger than life. I love you forever and everything after that.

Happy Birthday my baby. 

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