Tatum Leilani Madrid: 13 months old

Sunday, May 15, 2022

My sweet Tatum girl. Toddlerhood, here we are.
I'm so glad I was late in writing this update for my baby girl. Tatum started walking this past week and just like that, the crawling era has likely come to a close. I don't care how many kids you have or how many babies you've seen become toddlers and walkers... there is nothing like it. Watching my little girl walk all over the place is so exciting. Tatum, we are so proud of all the milestones you've reached -- and how quickly you've decided to reach them. Your personality is emerging and I love how expressive and hilarious you are. 

Feeding: Toddlerhood has afforded us wide open spaces where food is concerned. Nothing is off-limits (though we do keep nut butter and honey in small moderation) and Tatum is exploring everything. From Brussel sprouts to cottage cheese, and different kinds of protein -- our little girl seems to enjoy a variety of foods and we love watching her give everything a try. Lately, she prefers grapes, tofu, and steak. She will accept whole milk but not more than 16+ ounces a day (not for a lack of trying) and she loves all the whole milk yogurt her mama can buy! I still breastfeed on demand and we still utilize vitamin d drops. 

Sleep:  Our sleep situation remains the same way it was throughout our girl's entire infancy. This toddler sleeps like an absolute dream. She sleeps through the night -- usually about 8-7 most days. She takes two long naps during the day (anywhere from 1 hour to nearly two hours)  and this schedule works really well for our girl. We are still actively co-sleeping and will likely continue to do so for a long while. I do want to convert her crib into a toddler bed for nap time but that's still a little ways off. I started putting the older sibs into their converted cribs around 17-18 months? I have no desire to switch up a routine that has taken us through 3 kids before.

Milestones:   I seriously don't even know where to start. I shared that Tatum is walking. Of course, that's always a major, major toddler achievement. After taking her first steps before her first birthday she slowly but surely started getting up by herself, taking a step or two, and then promptly falling back to the ground. Watching her stand up, take steps, and actively walk all around the house is pure joy for the rest of us. In addition to walking, her language is also expanding. She can say "more" and we heard her use that appropriately when I asked if she wanted more butternut squash one day this week. Tatum can give hugs when you ask for them (they are the cutest thing ever), and she's pointing at everything. Every sound, every new exciting thing in her view -- she's pointing. She definitely uses her vocal cords when she wants to be heard and she kicks her little feet, face down on the carpet (usually), and will sort of throw little tot fits when she's unhappy about something.  I declare that last part a milestone but she can show us when she's upset! She also knows what "ups" are and will reach for her daddy or me to be picked up. You got your MMR shot this past month and your hep a shot too. You handled them so bravely and  I feel so strongly about our choice to make sure that you are vaccinated and safe. They also drew blood to check your iron levels -- all labs were normal and perfect, just like you. 

Things You Like:   Tatum, you love your pottery barn anywhere chair SO much (and your brother's chair too) and you lounge in it periodically throughout the day. It's adorable. Your favorite song is "bout to go awf" from the better Nate than ever movie and you really enjoy going through every single drawer in the kitchen and pantry. Lately, you've insisted on eating food from your high chair... while sitting on mommy's lap. I don't understand the logic entirely but I feel like you want to be close to me so we are rockin' with it. You still love all your cuddles and mama milk. You love shoes -- wearing them and also biting into them. Don't worry, they are sterile and/or new shoes most of the time. You like dancing and twirling in circles all around the living room. You love to hold my hand even when we aren't anywhere but home and it's the sweetest thing. The older sibs have introduced coloring to you and you've taken to it well. Mostly you try to jam crayons in your mouth but we stop you every time...

Toddlerhood has been such a beautiful experience with you, Tatum. Watching you grow every single day. Watching you make sense of the world around you. I am loving every single moment with you. 

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