Boston Children's Museum

Sunday, May 22, 2022


It's been over two years since we last stepped foot into a children's museum.

Part of Ava's birthday celebration this year included a trip to the children's museum in Boston. Any chance we get to trek out that way is always a win for me but even more so when we are celebrating our babies. We purchased our tickets online weeks ago and I love that the museum is still following a pretty strict cleaning routine throughout. On the website they give you the option to purchase a time slot from 9am-12pm or 130pm-430pm -- naturally, my early risers (and nearly three hour drive) chose the earliest time slot they had available. And of course, from the moment we stepped into the facility my kids were so impressed. I appreciated the features that we might not see back home. Live animals, a lot of interactive material, and an original 130-year-old Japanese house. So many favorites to choose from but those were definitely my top three. Of course, there was something for each of our kids to take interest in right away. This was one of the first times we've allowed them to just sort of go in whichever direction they felt pulled to go. Most of the time Justin and I divided and conquered so the kids weren't ever completely alone in the various sections throughout the museum. I was impressed that there were three different floors filled with so many different themes for us to explore. I also really liked there wasn't as store in the museum. Seems strange that i'd say that... but not having to buy something just because was nice. Normally we grab the kids a souvernir or something they ask for to remember the trip but it really isn't neccessary. I'm always game to be in a space where my kids don't have to worry about anything but being kids and having the most fun. 

I also loved that the neighboring store (stonewall kitchen) afforded us foodie options and a little shopping for this mama. I know, I know, I said I was glad the museum didn't have a store but I love being able to grab things that we can use back home. I ended up buying waffle mixes, a sweet treat for the kids, and some yummy chocolates for my husband. Being able to store all of that in our huge lockable storage locker was a plus as well. We didn't have any of our things out in the open subject to someone potentially swiping it or us misplacing things. Overall this experience was a win for our Boston travels and I know its a place the kids will want to venture out to again. 

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