Tatum Leilani Madrid: 14 months old

Monday, June 6, 2022

As soon as one milestone is celebrated, another is soon to come. 14 months came far too quickly.

The last 30 days came and went so quickly... literally. So. Quickly. Tatum, you are the happiest, smiley, charismatic toddler. Your mannerisms are just so adorable and they make us all laugh. From the facial expressions to nodding your head no or yes, to the way you look out of the corner of your eye -- your personality is here and it's BIG ENERGY all the time! Totally here for it. You are so dang helpful, even more so this last week than ever before and you hand us things, throw things away, and try to assist during clean-up time. Today you pointed to your head and your lips after mama modeled them for you! Such a smart girl. The wheels are always turning and watching you engage and also repeat what you see... we couldn't be more proud of all your growth. I went back and looked at all three of your siblings' updates at this age and you guys all mirror one another so much. It is crazy. 

Feeding: We have a pretty solid routine that does end up with half of Tatum's food on the floor... but she likes what she likes and she tries nearly everything we offer her. Not much has changed since my last update but I do feel like she's adding more staples to her meals and her snacks. We also offer whole milk and water just as often as Tatum will allow (never more than the recommended amount where milk is concerned). Lately, it's been dutch pancakes, grapes, and whole milk toasted coconut yogurt for breakfast. Some type of pasta (edamame, chickpea, or whole grain), some type of protein, cucumbers, and a fruit arrangement for lunch, and then for dinner Tatum eats whatever we eat -- this week it was Italian sausages and pasta one night, salmon/rice/avocado, tacos, breakfast for dinner, and a fundraiser event for the kids' school. I love that we can make all of her meals hit every food group and she'll entertain us with whatever we serve her. 

Sleep:  Our sleep situation remains the same way it was throughout our girl's entire infancy. This toddler sleeps like an absolute dream. She sleeps through the night -- usually about 8-7 most days. She takes two long naps during the day (anywhere from 1 hour to nearly two hours)  and this schedule works really well for our girl. We are still actively co-sleeping and will likely continue to do so for a long while. ** Nothing here remains unchanged other than the time of day that Tatum chooses to nap** She totally got rid of parent pick-up naps in the car (sad day) and she prefers to fall asleep either on the way home from picking up the girls or when I put her in my carrier once we are inside.

Milestones:  I love this phase. SO. so much. Tatum is mimicking us! Yes, she will copy what we do. Pointing to her head and her eyes. She will also cover her eyes when she is playing peek-a-b00. I've noticed a lot of empathy in our sweet girl. If someone is crying or has a sad face she will go over and hug them. And not some casual hug. She will hug them and pat their shoulder with her little hand. Another empath! I love it so, so much. Tatum has become incredibly close with her brother and watching her walk up to him, talk, and then cuddle with him while playing or just give him kisses and hugs... we literally melt! This last week Tatum has allowed for the t.v. screen to catch her eyes and though we don't offer screen time for her, it's really neat to watch her pause and realize, "Hey, something is going on here." In addition to noticing screens, our girl is trying to master stair climbing. STAIRS ARE MY MOM FEAR. Legit. I am so nervous and I freak out internally every single time Tatum gets close to the stairs. If you've followed me for a while you might know why... Tatum's walking is absolutely beautiful! She takes off whenever and wherever in our home. I still can't believe how quickly that happens. 

Things You Like:   Tatum's favorite song has changed in just mere weeks (this usually happens since we tend to overplay a song to ease her in the car or otherwise) and it's a fan favorite for everyone in the house. You like helping mama with laundry -- putting clothes in the basket... but then immediately throwing them out. You enjoy helping the girls clean the dining room after dinner (again, mimicking)  and you like snatching food off of the plates of others. It's mostly hilarious but it can get a little messy. Your toothy grin and adorable laughter steal the show -- you LOVE when we clap for you or give you praise. You enjoy trying to turn book pages when we read to you and craft time is still new territory we are trying to unravel. You like being outdoors, especially when the weather is cool and breezy and you still are obsessed with rocking out and dancing just as often as you can.

In other words, this was a long update to basically say -- you are perfect in every way, Tatum girl. 

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