Mama Is Solo (well, with four kids)

Thursday, June 23, 2022

For weeks I've been preaching to every mama friend I know that we (as mothers) need to find something we are passionate about this summer and DO. THE. THING. So, naturally, I'm writing again. 

For the first since before the world shut down, my husband is TDY for work. Traveling for work purposes isn't something I'm unfamiliar with where Justin's job is concerned but it feels foreign. Like it feels unnatural not to have Justin home with us? If that makes sense. Granted, it's not for very long (we literally see him tomorrow) but our family dynamic is off and that impacts all of us -- no matter how little or great the duration of time his absence is. With two recovering sick littles, a slightly sick 9-year-old, and an upchucking little boy (don't worry, they've all tested negative for COVID) -- I've mentioned Murphy's Law more than once in the last couple of days. Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong when my husband is away. Military law or something, I swear! I've been in slight survival mode -- and this manifests in how I treat the house. I have been scrubbing floors, mopping, keeping everything sterile and clean, allowing a little more freedom with screen time (summer break perks!), and trying to balance my time with the kids, nursing my toddler around the clock it seems, and trying to sneak in a little time for myself before bed each night. That "me" time hasn't really happened though. Tatum prefers to be laying upright (so she can breathe without the hassle of nasal drainage) and that has left me sleeping on the couch even before Justin left. My rear end and back are really paying for it but my baby is sleeping a lot better and that's really all that matters to me. But, it does feel strange being the default parent + the only parent available. I've never done it with all four of our kiddos until now. 

And while I proved to myself that I'm more than capable of keeping our home, kids, and myself in order... I can't say this is something I love doing by myself. I mean, who does? Not only do the extra set of hands come in handy... I really just miss my best friend. Hazards of being married to your bestie for the restie I suppose. All day today I've tried to keep the kids and myself busy so we could just speed through the day knowing that tomorrow we will have our main man back! I guess be careful what you wish for because between a two-hour oil change ordeal, Liam upchucking in my car, and trying to make sure everyone was showered while simultaneously nursing Tatum AND doing the dishes -- whoo the sun went down even quicker than I anticipated and I'm probably not making it past 10pm tonight. 

Here's hoping the weekend ahead is filled with normalcy, peace, and lots of daddy time. 

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