Tatum Leilani Madrid: 15 months old

Wednesday, July 6, 2022

 "Our Future Harvard Freshman"

This past month has been a HUGE growth month for our Tater Tot in more ways than one. From speech to comprehension, nap time, and even food choices... we are in FULL toddlerhood mode and loving every single moment. This summer has been filled with a bunch of *first* adventures for Miss Tatum and we aren't even halfway through yet. From amusement parks, swimming pools, lakes, and movie theater fun, Tatum is loving every single moment. This summer we have trips planned to the ocean, Canada, and of course, Boston. We can't wait to see how our girl reacts to each new experience. 

Feeding: We went through the inevitable "eat like a bird" phase... but I think we are seeing the end of it? Tatum is very particular about what she likes, what she will try, and what she expects during her meal times and snacks. For example, she loves having grapes or tropical fruit with her breakfast meals (pineapple, oranges, mandarins, etc.), and sometimes she entertains oatmeal, other times she sticks with spinach + eggs (or tofu). She's got a variety of foods she will snack on, including seaweed, and she also loves to try all kinds of meats -- fish, pork, steak, and chicken. I like to try and offer a variety of vegetables and more often than not, Tatum will give it a try. We notice she's throwing a lot less off the tray and eating to her content (which seems to be a lot more lately). Feeding time has been an absolute breeze. 

Sleep: Our sweet girl is still sleeping like a dream. 15 months of solid sleep and we cannot complain. This last month our baby got her second or third cold? Sleep was a little rough because I slept with her sleeping on my chest so she could let the mucus drain more effectively without keeping her from solid sleep. I slept on the couch with her and it was a pretty rough week for mama but baby got the sleep she needed. The last week I've noticed our girl has been surviving off of one nap if we are on the go -- she's such a trooper but this week I am going to be a lot more intentional with making sure both of her naps are on the schedule. Normally Tatum will nap in the carrier on my back for 1-2 hours at a time and it's nice because I get to finish up things around the house, engage with her siblings, or basically anything else. I'm happy with the carrier because she needs her sleep. After all, that's how she grows. We are still currently co-sleeping and plan to until we transition her to her toddler bed. I think naps in the toddler bed will start when she hits 18 months but for now, our sleeping setup is perfect for our family. 

Milestones: Our girl is talking SO much. She can say, Ava, she tried saying " I love you" to me on more than one occasion, and like a sassy fierce queen she says, "Uh Uh Uh" while waving her finger in front of your face. She mimicks all of the expressions you make and she is pointing to parts of her body correctly. Her attitude and personality are emerging so dang much and she has no issue letting us know what she wants. She continues to point to all the things she wants (especially her mama). Lately, our girl has been hanging out like a big kid -- playing in pop-up tents with her siblings or engaging in doll play with her sisters. It's amazing to watch those wheels turn and see just how much of a tot we truly have. Tatum enjoys picking out her own clothes and having you dress her in them. She loves to do this with her big sisters because they oblige every. single. time. Empathy is another big milestone we have seen come out quite a bit. If she sees that you are upset or sad, she will wrap her arms around your neck and pat your back. She gives kisses, also... most times when you ask but almost always when she wants to. 
Things You Like: Our child is obsessed with LIZZO. I mean, every single song and Tatum is shaking her head, hands, and dancing. Tatum loves to dance, she loves to play kitchen and cook (we brought up a toy kitchen in our main living space for her to have), she loves tickle fights, raspberries on her belly, and cuddles and hugs. She loves to be held, still... and while some days I'm looking for the opportunity to put her down, I realize that I'm going to miss this so much when it's not an option anymore. Our girl loves when you tell her stories and show her pictures in a book. Rather than taking the book out of our hands she will actually sit and listen. She also LOVES getting her hair brushed. She will bring you a brush and sit right in between your legs so you can brush her hair. It is the cutest thing ever! 

So far, this was the biggest growth leap we've seen and it has been such an incredible front-row seat! 

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