The Little Things: Showering Alone, Anytime

Monday, August 15, 2022

Hi, friends! I've recently decided to dust off my blog and pour more into my space by creating a "blog series" for the duration of the year. I named the series "The Little Things" because as cliche as it sounds, it is always the little things that hold our greatest joys. I hope you like it as much as I do.

It's Saturday. Justin normally never works weekends but with the fair in town this week and his entire company rotating schedules, I knew a weekend slot was bound to happen. Normally the kids and I would feel a little off about being without our main man but it just so happens that daddy is on leave next week so we aren't too down about it. Justin got the kids settled with breakfast and after staying up way too late last night, I decided to shower during the day... an act I really never do because it's not convenient for my family and it certainly isn't enjoyable in the way I like ( I hate being rushed). But, for some reason, I decided to give it a go. The older three got dressed for the day and decided to go outside for a bit, which was a perfect scenario for me. I took Tatum up the stairs to her room, I opened up her big blinds for light, I shut her bedroom door, and I proceeded to turn on the shower in the Jack and Jill bathroom upstairs. For context, Liam and Tatum's rooms (Jack and Jill) are connected through a full bathroom. I love it! Anyways, I ended up playing an audible story book on Alexa for Tatum, just in case and I pulled out a big turquoise bucket with her toys. I emptied some of the toys out so she could search for exciting stuff at the bottom of the bin and once I saw her contentment, I went to shower. Even though I was showering, I could still see slivers of her through the crack of the door I left open. It's insane how often moms panic, even when their baby is in full eyesight. I sort of started off by hurrying... and then I reminded myself that Tatum was okay, the older three were okay, and I could just shower without feeling like it was an Olympic sport.

Just a couple more times I felt myself getting nervous because she'd leave the eyesight range... so naturally, I pretended that I was hurt... I said sort of louder than my average voice, "Ouch!" and sure enough the pitter patter of her toddler legs came walking towards the bathroom door and the sleeve of the shower curtain. "Mama?!" Tatum said with concern... I told her I was fine and that I just wanted to see her. She shoved her arms in the air wanting to be picked up and just for a second I thought about quickly getting the heck out of there so my baby didn't cry. Instead, I told Tatum, mama, was almost finished and I encouraged her to go play. She did! I finished up without a single rushed moment. I even did my Cerave face routine with time for my serum and hydrating lotion. As I got out of the shower I had this puffed chest like "you just did this, mama!" and then my smile faded. We are now at the stage of parenthood where I don't have to worry about Tatum being hurt or being supervised like a hawk 24/7. We are at the stages of parenthood where I am indoors and my older three can be outdoors and we trust them to play nicely and look out for each other. What a strange and unexpected feeling that was. In the hustle of raising babies, you never really stop to relish in the enjoyment of that growth. This was one of those moments. I can shower anytime, sort of alone.. and that's okay. That's normal. That's where we are now.

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