Saturday, August 6, 2022


It's a big world baby. 
This summer sort of feels like what it felt like to have an infant Tatum. Fleeting, fast -- passing us by at a quicker rate than we came seem to keep up with. With each passing month, we have more of a big girl version of our sweet Tatum and i don't think I'm quite ready for that yet? I don't know but writing this monthly update and looking at my girl... my heart feels just a little twinge of sadness.. not sad, sadness but happy sad. Our baby is growing and inevitably, there is no denying that. From putting her feet into the ocean for the first time to executing a perfect downward dog during yoga this morning... Tatum girl, you are thriving.

Feeding: As can be expected with a toddler... some days are hit and miss. Tatum will try anything new we put on her plate and for that, I am thankful... but there are some nights (like dinner tonight) where she smacks every single morsle of food right off the highchair and onto the floor. So basically she's doing everything a happy, healthy 16 month old would be doing with her meals. She has her go-tos that she likes and lately that has been oatmeal in the morning with a little citrus fruit and a stove top egg, and lunches are fair game where our girl is concerned. Dinner time is also fair game but she loves to have a "tree like" veggie and whole milk during dinner. For snacks we offer fruit, string cheese, maybe some granola, etc. She drinks water all day long. And this in addition to breastfeeding as well!  16 months strong and no end in sight. That's okay with me! 

Sleep:  I almost feel like we are ready to introduce her toddler bed for naptimes. I can't believe I'm saying that. Tatum is a solid sleeper at night and during her naptimes during the day, I think she can handle it. Of course we won't really commit to trying for the next couple of months but I don't think it would hurt to convert the crib into a toddler bed so she can get used to seeing it. Currently, our girl is on a 8-8 schedule. Meaning, she goes down at 8pm and she wakes up at 8am. That's 11 hours of solid sleep during the night and nap time is usually split into two naps (but more often than not, one lately) and it consists of anywhere from 1 hour in the morning and 2 hours in the afternoon, or even 3 hours in the afternoon (12pm-3pm).

Milestones: Watching Tatum watch a screen isn't really a milestone? But we don't do screen for her intentionally so when she fixates on it, it is interesting to watch her try to make sense of what she is seeing. I know I mentioned how often our girl has been mimicking, but really.. it's so fun to watch her understand that she is trying to do what she sees. I mentioned yoga before, Tatum tries to do all the poses that Jamie from Cosmic Yoga does (and her older sibs) and it is so incredible to watch. We work on parts of the body and pointing to them -- she really enjoys doing this and claps for herself when she is successful. 

Things You Like:  Tatum loves water toys, sand, and sensory slime. She's been around all three of those quite frequently this summer. She loves having her hairbrushed, even more so lately -- each time I braid one of her sisters' hair, she has to be right there in the action. She loves board books, snuggles, and getting her toes tickled with kisses. She loves being held after she's had an overload of play time. She loves to help in the kitchen -- organizing (or at least her version of it) cupboards and  kid plates, cups, etc. Bath time is all the rave now that mom got a waterproof speaker. Splashing, even blowing raspberries has been a Tatum go to. She loves playing like a big kid with her siblings, even more now that she can pull herself up and on, and off things. 

It is so sweet to be loved by this perfect baby of ours and the fun is truly just getting started! 

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