Saturday, October 22, 2022

18 months old and my Washington-made babe finally got to go home! 

My Tatum girl. 18 months old and my mama's heart was full of so many emotions just thinking about how much you've grown. I intentionally waited until our trip back home to write this. I knew you'd have a bunch of new "firsts" that I'd want to document -- I was right! Watching you absolutely breeze through your first-ever plane ride, adjust to a different time zone and new faces, and keep that chill demeanor of yours throughout -- traveling with you was an absolute dream! So proud of you for all of the new growth developments you've had, social exposures, and watching you tackle new things.

Feeding:  Meals are interesting. We have so many different foods from various food groups that we know Tatum likes... and sometimes those are hit-and-miss. our 1.5-year-old is more decisive about what she will eat (or drink)  and she certainly lets us know. I've noticed that if we give her the space to reach for a new food or a familiar one and allow her to try it on her own terms, she will.  We love that! Exposing her palate to new foods and textures and tastes is always the goal.  Tatum is also still nursing -- making her the 3rd longest breastfeeding duration I've ever had at this point. We don't have a "stop" date in mind, so she could likely be the kid that nurses for the longest. We will see! So far it's mostly just sleepy time and moments of comfort -- either way I'm still about 80% committed to nursing as long as she wants. 

Sleep:  LITERAL DREAM. I cannot stress this enough -- we have been blessed with kiddos that have always had a solid sleep routine and Tatum is no exception. Tatum's sleep routine has remained the same as it has her entire life, of course with exceptions to various nap times and what time she actually goes down for bed. We are still actively co-sleeping -- though the toddler bed is a GO and Tatum has already napped in the converted toddler bed. I thought we'd be more proactive about allowing Tatum to experience her own sleep space but if I am being honest with myself... I think we are just savoring the time and moments that we have right now.

Milestones: Tatum is talking so much more-- she will mimic whichever word you ask her to,  she runs (or tries to run as fast as those little legs will allow), and she loves to draw as often as she can. Playing kitchen with her siblings and having that pretend play be second nature to her is always fun to witness. Tatum continues to express her emotions when she's feeling shy, sad, upset, happy, loving, etc. Recently she was put in a social situation where she felt shy and she had zero problems letting her mom know that she felt uncomfortable and wanted to be held.  Stranger danger happens to all kiddos and I'm glad my child is able to identify what makes her feel safe and what doesn't. 

 Things You Like:  Lately, our girl has taken to watching screens -- and of course, we've allowed for Moana, Encanto, and Turning Red movie varieties to be watched by our little miss. We recently discovered that Tatum adores cats.. whether they are in person and she's able to rub their fur OR if they are just being seen and admired through a facetime call with a family member.  Tatum continues to love dancing. She dances to all beats and has an appreciation for all music. She loves WATER. She recently went to a water park on Ruston way in Tacoma and had a blast playing with the water -- anytime water is running, she's fascinated and enjoys being able to run her fingers through it. Our girl is also obsessed with buckles -- buckles on her carseat, carrier, highchairs, and her booster seat at the table. She applauds herself when she gets the bucklers to connect, as do we! 

This past month was an absolute game changer for our girl. So much growth, so many new experiences, and so many core memories that i know this mama will keep forever! I cannot wait to share these updates with my girl one day. I hope she beams over them just as much as I have. I love you tater tot.

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