Two Years

Sunday, January 20, 2013
It's been two years since the day I said, I do. (The 21st is actually our anniversary but with Justin on Afghanistan time, i wanted to get this post out early. In 4 hours it will be the 21st of January his time) It's crazy to me, because I am still that giddy, over the moon, first crush in LOVE with Justin. And I am not ashamed of it one bit. The way I see it, I've been given the most special gift that life offers (aside from being pregnant with our daughter) I get to love my soul mate every single day of my life, for the rest of my life. WHAT IS BETTER THAN THAT? So i shout it to the world ! i'd shout it on top of mountain tops, if i were courageous enough to climb one. On a side not, our anniversaries crack me up. I am not the typical woman. I am not so fond of jewelry. Some people expect it, they have an appreciation for it, i don't. I'm not super big on flowers, chocolates or any other common gift. This frustrates Justin ha ha.  He actually has to put THOUGHT in to the gift he gives me. it doesn't have to be something materialistic, just something meaningful. Those gifts are priceless and mean the most to me. Back on subject, One thing i have definitely learned this past year in marriage, is that like wine, everything gets better with age. Our first year of marriage, was a tough one. Mainly because we were given a lot of trials and tribulations that were unexpected, and took time and healing to overcome. This past year of marriage was a cake walk ! We'd worked out the kinks, we continue to stay on the same page, essentially with the same goals. And we created our daughter. I remember flip flopping with Justin back and forth for an entire year about having kids. We knew he was going to deploy, and still we waited. we had ONE MONTH to make it happen, or he was going overseas without a pregnant wife, and wouldn't you know, we made it happen. Since my pregnancy started, I have seen a change in my husband that wasn't present before. He is even more assured in the goals he has (long term) it's odd because Justin is a very day to day person. He always has been. So seeing him make these changes to better our daughter's future, just touches me. I'm falling even more in love with the man he is becoming. Even with Justin deployed right now, i can't help but be grateful. We don't have a cookie cutter love. We disagree, we have our bad days, and our moments. But, at the end of each day, we love each other. and we love hard. It's cliche to sit here and say he's my best friend, he's my soul mate, he's my support system. But all of those things are cliche BECAUSE they should be that way. How else could you spend the rest of your life with someone if they weren't all of those qualities ? To sum this up, Happy Anniversary Justin. I love you. always have, always will.

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