So Yesterday

Monday, January 21, 2013
Today started out great, Officially two years in on my marriage AND i got to skype my handsome husband. BUT things took a turn for the worst this afternoon. For the first time in months, i had some serious girl drama. The worst, isn't it ? I constantly have to remember Army wife or not, you can't just mesh people together and expect them to get along. Some people have this notion that just because we're all going through a deployment, training, and Army life that we all forge a bond and it's butterflies and rainbows. INCORRECT. Before we are military spouses, we are human beings. and no matter the situation, you just aren't going to like everyone that comes around, some people aren't a good fit. That's not the way the world works. One major thing I've learned in life, is that at any given moment someone can say something nasty to you, someone can try to make you feel small, someone that claimed to be your "friend" can very easily not be, just as quickly. If you let those things get to you, if you let those things define you, how is that helping you ? The opinion of other's is the last thing we should worry about. In our lives we all have people who love us. Husband, kids, mom, dad, sister, brother. Those people that love us are our backbones. Family support, friend support, school support, etc. Those are the things that help mold us into the people we become. So you can't let the thoughts from people that don't have a significant impact on your life phase you.That being said, i do think we can all hold ourselves to a higher stander when we get into "drama" situations. Not engaging, not allowing things to escalate, and just walking away are perfect examples of what to do when an ugly situation comes your way. Some people aren't worth the headache. Having Ava in my womb right now is an everyday reminder, that there's a little girl on her way that needs her mom to remember what's important in life, and what's not. I know who i am, i know who i want to grow to be, i know that no matter how many tifts i have in life, there will always be people that love me for who i am, the good and the ugly. At the end of the day what more can you ask for ?

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