38 weeks

Thursday, May 9, 2013


When I woke up this morning, I drew the blinds and allowed the sun to shine on my face. A smile quickly came over me, as I realized today marks the thirty-eighth week of my pregnancy. Soon after, Justin skyped me. It was perfect timing. I was full of smiles this morning and I could tell Justin was having a good day too. He looked so tan and those eyes of his are even more blue than usual. This leads me to believe they are having some nice weather in Afghanistan. Justin's eyes become ever more blue as the summer heat picks up. We went over induction plans this morning. Since we are hoping to have a skype session during my labor, we discussed what times would be better for him. Apparently the 15th is actually a better day for him. Thank goodness I have an O.B. appointment this afternoon, because I will be able to discuss everything induction with my O.B. This will also be great for the ladies that will be accompanying me during my laboring process.


I am one centimeter dilated and fifty percent effaced. My induction has been scheduled and I will be admitted on the 15th for cervix ripening. Thursday, they will start pitocin and my induction will begin. Hearing that I would be having pitocin really upset me. It wasn't the route I wanted, and I cried when discussing this induction technique with my O.B. He seems to believe that pitocin is the most efficient way to induce labor. With all the research I've done, I wanted to avoid this route. Ultimately, I want Ava here safely. I keep reminding myself that If IUGR  (intra-uterine growth restriction) wasn't an issue for the baby, I would be more adamant about the type of labor plan I want. I am grateful that most of my desired wants are actually things I will be able to do once Ava is actually born. I'm holding on to hope that I'll have that after birth experience with my little girl. So the countdown has begun ! I have six days until I will be admitted and just seven days until this little sprout is expected to arrive. Keep me in your prayers this week ! I'm praying for a smooth delivery for both baby A and I.


I just got off the phone with Justin and brought him up to speed with everything that's going on. I actually found myself getting a little emotional because this will be the first time in my life that I undergo a major event like this, without Justin. This being an even bigger deal because it's our first child. I have never had surgery or even been put under anesthesia until I got married. Having my gall bladder removed and having a laparoscopy work up of my reproductive organs. Each time Justin was there before and after to hold my hand and make sure I was okay. I hadn't taken this into consideration prior to today. I've been so strong and upbeat about everything and I'm hoping that I can pull through and find some strength for Justin and Ava. We both agreed tonight, we will not plan another pregnancy during deployment.


I plan on being mellow. I am currently getting over a minor cold I picked up last week, so mellow and relaxation are right up my ally right now. Tomorrow I have a BPP and NST being performed like usual. I plan on getting a pedicure, so my toes are all set to go for next week. I'm doing my last set of maternity photos this Saturday and Sunday I plan on staying pool side most of the day. The heat has really picked up here, I'm so thankful to be having a May baby !

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