So good to me Saturday

Saturday, May 4, 2013
I went to a two year old's birthday party today and this party confirmed I am STILL a firm believer you can never have too much pink ! My friend, Ann decorated her entire home in a pink//princess theme for her daughter's big day ! It felt so good to be around such positive energy. Even with kids all around, there was so much laughter, and EATING and just warmth in her home today. I absolutely love events like this. The cake was just the highlight of the day, it was magical !

The photographer I've had my entire pregnancy (

captured a couple belly photos for me today. Check out my growing girl at 37 weeks 2 days.

I'm friends with Victoria so obviously my opinions are a tad bias ;) But seriously It's been a blessing to have such a dependable,focused, and easy going photographer throughout my pregnancy. She will also be accompanying me in labor and delivery  as well as Ava's first newborn session. Being a military spouse means you move a lot LOL so take a look at some of the work she's done. You never know, she might be in your area next. 

Lastly, I wanted to rave about my changing station in Ava's room. I've gotten all my cloth prepped and ready to go. I purchased a wipe warmer for her cloth wipes at home, and I FINALLY picked up a pail for her cloth diaper pail liner. 

I've got newborn prefolds on the top left. My diaper caddy filled with covers, nipple creams, and tea packages by earth mama angel baby to help with the production of breast milk.  I've got my pocket diapers prepped, stuffed, and ready to go on the right. Organic coconut oil for her diaper rash substitute. The wipes warmer is also on this shelf only because our hospital bags are packed on her dresser. Once a few things get switched around after Ava's birth, nothing will be as cluttered. On the bottom I have the next sized prefolds, my breast pump, and a few other gadgets to help with breastfeeding. You see my trash pail for her dirty cloth diapers? Cost me $12.00 ! I bought it at the PX on post here. It just amazes me how much money cloth diapering families will spend on a pail. They are all, for lack of better description for waste.. poop ! pee ! I see no point in spending thirty dollars on a pail, when the cheaper ones do the trick ! Mine is a step pail. I love it ! 

I'm so ready for induction. I've got 12 days until that occurs, unless Ava comes sooner. I'm nesting, nesting, nesting. Counting down the days ! I hope everyone had a positive vibes Saturday, like I did ! 

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