New York Part Two

Sunday, July 28, 2013
Our trip was overall stupendous! We concluded our trip with a ride out to New York City, so Ava could meet her Godmother for the first time. Her godmother also happens to be my older cousin that I haven't seen in 4 months. It was nice seeing her again and having her see Justin for the first time in over a year. New York City was CRAZY busy! We were in stand still traffic, paid a toll that was almost fifteen dollars, and people were walking in the middle of the street like there weren't tons of cars driving by. It was definitely a different experience. We saw the statue of liberty, the 9/11 monument, Brooklyn bridge, etc. The skyscrapers were HUGE! I don't think buildings are even that big in Seattle.

                                 (This was a shot I got on our way into the city)

I tried to get as many pictures as I could, but there was always a building in the way, or people, or traffic! Parking was impossible and the parking garages were all valet. It truly is the busiest city I have ever been too. Great experience for our little family though! How many 9 week olds can say they've spent time in Manhattan? After our time in NYC we started our journey back home! After 14 hours of being in the car, we decided it was time to stop. I love technology sometimes. I was able to use my mobile hotspot on my Verizon cellular device to use my laptop our entire trip. I booked a hotel room for our family at the La Quinta Inn after researching the area of Raleigh, North Carolina on yelp. We had a fantastic experience. No pet fee for our dog, Cooper. The area around Raleigh had a great city feel, and the room was very decent. They even give out military discounts, which is always appreciated.

We took our time on the way home and stopped at some special places along the way. Ava was even better on the way back down. ZERO fussy moments. She was more awake this time around, but she was cooing and full of smiles, like always. The biodegradable diapers we used were a HUGE success for us on our trip, including her chemical free wipes.

NO leakage, Ava has had ZERO diaper rash in her 10 weeks of life, and they were super absorbent. Since we've been home she is back in cloth and Justin and I are happy about that. It's so weird, on vacation, my husband made a comment about how he missed her cloth! That made me so happy to hear! We've still quite a few days of Justin's block leave, so our vacation isn't quite over yet! We haven't made up our mind for our next destination. Atlanta or Florida... Either way I'm excited to have all this exploration time with my husband.

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