Citrus Lane Box 2!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013
Today we got Ava's 3 month box for Citrus Lane. I actually paid for this box and it cost me $9.00 We got some goodies in this one today!

  • Cleo's Alphabet Book from Barefoot Books. The pages are filled with bright colors and bold images. This will help Princess A's eyes to track and focus on objects
  • Little Stacker from Rich Frog. Stacking is a major milestone. This is a soft and cuddly alternative for Ava. We don't have to worry about her getting poked with a hard surface (found on a traditional stacker) This is lightweight, easy to grab and soft enough to satisfy the urge to teethe. 
  • Baby bottle Strap from Ah Goo Baby. (we usually don't use bottles with Ava) This strap puts an end to that not-so-fun-game- of "see me throw, watch mom pick it up. It says It can be attached to just about anything. Stroller, shopping cart, cart handle, etc.
  • All Natural Hand Sanitizing Wipes from CleanWell. This is BY FAR my favorite product in her box. I've used them twice today already. They are biodegradable wipes that are made with a special formulation of thyme oil that kills germs naturally. Alcohol-free and safe for sensitive skin. You can use them to clean messy faces, grimy hands, and small scrapes. You can even use them in an emergency diaper situation. 
  • Calendula Diaper Care for Diaper Rash from Weleda This product apparently does double duty as a protective barrier and soother, even for the worst rashes. Formulated with Calendula flower extract,breathable beeswax and zinc oxide to provide instant relief. 
These are all the tangible items that were in Ava's box this month. SUPER pleased! Especially with the wipes. 

I will write a review of all the products I have received from this company, from Ava's last box, and this box. If you are willing to try natural,organic, and a not so traditional approach with your kiddos. Give Citrus Lane a try. Click on the link I provided and you get $10.00 right off the bat! 

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