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Monday, August 26, 2013
This afternoon I had a "wake up call" A friend of mine texted me and she says, "Leilani, you have got to watch this girl on youtube." It's life changing" And boy was she right. Basically, this youtuber paves out a way to help you set out your goals and a specific way to achieve them. Step one is to write out your goals into categories. Step two is writing a tangible list to make your dreams come true. You go to each goal and break it down into steps that are so easy and small. "Baby steps that you do every single day that are so easy that you would feel bad if you didn't do them." - Nikki Phillippi "They are so little that they seem like they wouldn't make a difference." - Nikki Phillippi


  • I want to focus more on Jesus Christ, rather than religion
  • I want to strengthen my connection with the lord

Healthy Living/Exercise:

  • I want my body to feel good in turn allowing my soul to feel good
  • I want don't want to worry about the weight or inches aspect of working out
  • I just want to release those endorphin's 


  • Motherhood is messy. Allow Ava to be as messy as possible, even if It's not in my comfort zone
  • The laundry can wait. networking can wait. Interact with Ava every moment I can


  • money is paper. Treat it that way. (As in, money isn't everything)
  • find ways to cut out unneeded expenses
  • I want to build a home with Justin once his military career comes to an end
  • I want to stay in better contact with my family and my friends from back home
  • I want to do more things that are dedicated to romance with Justin
  • I want to be more involved with my husband's hobbies
  • Finish my college courses and obtain my bachelor's degree
  • volunteer, to build my resume
My baby steps to achieving my goals

  • Read a page of the bible, daily
  • Prayer during "shower time" 4 minutes a day
  • Bust out my yoga mat for 5 minutes a day
  • Allow my daughter to put her toys in her mouth, without feeling the urge to wipe them down almost immediately 3 minutes a day
  • Each grocery trip, put back one item that isn't a necessity.
  • make one phone call a day dedicated to a family member or friend, just to see how their day is.
  • Play madden with Justin once a day
  • Write a love note for Justin once a day. Tape them on mirror, motorcycle cover, etc. Somewhere he can see it.

Favorite Quotes From Nikki Phillippi:

" A lot of times when we set goals, we set goals that aren't always feasible, then we fall off the bandwagon and we don't do it at all. So building a wall one brick at a time, and actually completing the wall is so much better than trying to build a wall in a day and then giving up and never building the wall at all."

"People that are really successful in life, they say are people that take baby steps to move things forward everyday. Not people that set goals so high for themselves that they are never going to achieve it and then they feel like a failure."

The book that inspired her, that I am going to read as well is: The Slight Edge

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