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Wednesday, September 11, 2013
Today was a very hard day for me. Ava had her four month well baby appointment as well as shots. This isn't my first time dealing with shots, but this check up was WAY worse than the last one. The only upside was that my Princess is perfect and completely healthy. She weighs 11.11 ounces and she's 23 inches long. We filled out the motor skills for Ava's age group and she passed with flying colors. I didn't like the nurse that administered the shots today. If we happen to end up with her next time, I know I'll request a different nurse. She had ZERO bedside manner.. ironically she works with sweet, innocent babies. Ava's PED's doctor recognized some classic symptoms with Ava that lead us to believe she is ready for her first solid food. Rice cereal. If you've read my previous posts when I was pregnant, you know I am against trying this. (mainly due to arsenic blow outs) Looks like we will be trying it out. If it's the stepping stone Ava needs, I am willing to let my pride down and do what's best for my daughter. We are using Earth's Best organic rice cereal. USDA approved! I know a lot of people think "organic" is just a label, but genetically engineered ingredients are REAL and they can be harmful to your baby. I am EXCITED to be moving on to this next phase with Ava. Excited and freaking out! OMG!!! Ava just rolled over from her back to her tummy.Literally, just happened!! She has never done that before. They say rolling over in that direction doesn't happen until an infant is 5-6 months! Looks like we've got an early bloomer on our hands. Wow that just seriously made my entire day turn around! Watching my little girl emerge into this strong baby with personality is all kinds of emotional for me. I realize how quickly you can miss milestones when you don't dedicate yourselves to your children and their development. NOT THIS MOM. I have been involving myself in meaningless, trivial, never minds lately, and I'm done. I need to focus on my family, their growth, our happiness. That always comes first and should be the one thing my mind is consumed with. I've definitely got a lot of adjustments to make in my life. I always say I'm going to make a change, problem is, It's hard to go cold turkey. This weekend I am spending every waking moment with my family. The beach, a trip downtown, and a date night are on our agenda. I love being able to spend time with Justin and Ava as a family. I will never take our time for granted! Well that's all for now, I'm off to mush on my Princess!

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