I love him

Friday, September 13, 2013
I keep saying that in my mind. I love him, I love Justin. There's so much more there than that. Have you ever felt like you have all of these words, all of these thoughts jumbled inside your head, and every time you try to organize them they don't sound half as good as they should? That's how I feel today. Today was like fresh air. It felt good. Since Savannah is so close, we decided to paint the town. Before I go into that... We have this new rule in our family. With being new parents, we realize there are sacrifices that HAVE to be made (for the sake of our daughter having a norm) our "late nights" are 7 p.m. People are more than welcome to stay over at our home and hang out as late as they want, but we like to have Ava settled and ready for bath time and lullaby's at a decent hour. Okay,so back to painting Savannah. We anticipated no parking, lots of people, and chaos. We got none of that! We were pleased! Granted it was a Friday, which meant work day for most. We got front row parking, no long lines for the Tavern we ate at, and very mellow, slow paced atmosphere. We had a great time today. We laughed, we made icky faces from trying gator, and we had people stop us about our daughter several times. (this never gets old) I love when people tell me how wonderful my daughter is. She is thee most mellow baby I have ever met. As we explored the historic district, we talked. Not to say we don't usually talk, but it was different. We talked about goals, dreams, Ava's future, our life. Our connection was on fire today. We were intimate. Not in the sexual intimacy. Justin brushed my hair off my face, he touched the small of my back (this gave me immediate shivers) he gave me Eskimo kisses! It was just pleasant. We did a little shopping, got some souvenirs (we are planning on NEVER returning to Georgia) We ended our time on River Street with gelato and managed to avoid the rain shower that came soon after driving off.  We did a few other things at the mall today, and then called it a night. Even after the excitement of the day was done, we weren't. The love this man gives me, man.. I don't need too many other things in my life to make me feel complete. I hope everyone else had a Friday like this! Like fresh air ;) Goodnight!

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