Texas, Us & Ava

Sunday, September 15, 2013
I have never felt so alive before. This weekend has been so enriching and I am so thankful for it. I remember blogging about spending every waking moment with my family this weekend, and I'm so glad I did. I got to see more of Justin's paternal instincts, Ava is definitely showing signs of distinguishing strangers from people she sees on a regular basis, and I was able to find "me time" "Justin and I time" and "family time" All three of those are very important. It'll be a hard process not being around Ava every waking minute, but eventually it does have to occur. I'm starting out with little things. Going to get a mani or pedi AND actually enjoying myself, rather than rushing through it. Taking longer showers, catching up on reading, etc. You get the picture. Something that isn't Justin related or Ava related. "Justin and I" time comes very easily to me. My husband and I have a very strong connection. A lot of my positivity is reinforced by Justin. Once Ava has a nap or she goes down for the night (rare lately, due to her four month sleep regression) we take full advantage of that time. Last night Justin got a full on back massage out of me and I got a fantastic foot rub! We started watching a new series together, Grey's Anatomy! He loves it (I love that he loves it) Things that we are able to do together, with just one another is important in maintaining our healthy relationship. When it comes to family time, with Ava being still very infant like, we stay in more. We do things like, tummy time, singing, and gabbing with her (great development tools) When we do go out we make sure to point out bright colors for Ava. It's so cute the way her eyes get so big and curious. She is a very alert baby, and it's nice to see her so intrigued by her surroundings. I keep going back with feeding Ava rice cereal. I said no, I said yes, then no.. With finding an organic brand, I'm trying to push myself to at least try it as a stepping stone for Ava. Feeding time will be great family time when we do decide to start solid food. It can involve both parents. As of late our move to Texas has been a major topic of discussion. We have already found a home that we LOVE and it will be available The month we plan to move. Take a look:

granted pictures are completely different than in person, so we have lined up a couple other properties to view with the realty company we chose to go through. Looking at homes has made me more excited for our upcoming PCS. I can't wait to document my experience on my second PCS, this time with having an infant. This post turned out to be much longer than I was expecting! I'm off, football is on, and that's a major deal in this house! Happy Sunday all! 

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