Mommy Monday

Monday, September 30, 2013

Today has to be one of the busiest days I've had in awhile. Busy as in there are a lot of things on my to do list. Ask me how many of those things I've managed to get through today? I'd say maybe ten pages of reading for one of my classes. These are the days I'm thankful I'm a stay at home mommy.

Ava went down for her morning nap just fine. Instead of trying to catch up on reading, or doing one of the many other things on my to do list, I had a nice little chat with a friend and I ate trail mix.. not really the productivity that was called for today, but it happens.

Knowing my daughter, I figured I'd just get things done a little later. Miss Ava had other plans... she hasn't been fussy today, she's been a snuggle bug. She wants to be on her mama at every minute. Now usually that's okay since I baby wear... buy trying to do a load of whites with bleach while I'm wearing Ava is out of my comfort level. Cooking in prep for an Italian dinner while baby wearing Ava is also out of my comfort level.

Am I stressed today? No. Am I frustrated that Ava isn't feeling her "norm" today? Not at all. A wise woman told me, Ava comes first. Laundry, work, school, all of it comes second to baby. As long as Ava is happy and taken care of, consider your day successful.

True words! So am I having a productive Monday? Not really, but I get to snuggle my baby girl and use my cell phone to write a blog post!

I love this part of parenting.

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