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Saturday, October 19, 2013
It's been a gloomy day here in Georgia. I can't complain because it's kept me indoors with my family all day. Rather than watching television, playing video games, or networking (aside from this moment) all eyes have been on Ava. We are really trying to shun multi-tasking in our home (at least with our daughter we are). It's great to have that focus on her without anything taking away that time.

Justin has read her stories, participated with tummy time, and talked up a storm with her. It's so cute. Ava looks so intrigued by her daddy's voice. He'd read a page, and while he talked, she watched him. When he pointed to pictures, she looked at the pictures. During tummy time, he got down to her level. Talked to her, played with her toes, and moved her from tummy to belly. I even overheard him explaining how he'd be the only man in her life, if it were up to him.

I have been thoroughly impressed with my husband. he has been trying new development techniques with Princess A (some I hadn't even thought of ) that she seems to really be taking to. We purchased books from Barefoot Books.

We already own Cleo's alphabet book. It's nice to be adding some other educational books to the mix. We also started making a family calendar today. It's for next year, but I'm excited! I got a coupon for $20.00 off while at Osh Kosh. It's for shutterfly If you haven't dabbled with shutterfly, give it a try! It's awesome. You can create home decor, holiday cards, and picture books.

We are pretty sure Ava is going to be an early crawler. Whenever we put her down, she just can't stop moving those little legs! Also, she started cutting a tooth! Last night we got a taste of the teething baby life. I'm not a fan! Our poor baby cried for an hour STRAIGHT! That has never happened, and all I could feel was awful! I did give her tylenol and rubbed her little gums. I really want to steer clear of tylenol if I can. Miss A's doctor said that obviously too much of anything can be bad. Tylenol (when used too excessively) can cause liver damage. That freaked me out. I won't let baby A suffer, I just don't wont over do medication.

On a final note, our baby started wearing six month clothes as of today. She fits them more perfectly than I was anticipating. Yes, I was that sappy mommy that cried. I can't believe it! Come this time next month, she'll be drinking juice and eating solid food! I'm really proud of myself for exclusively breastfeeding these past five months! (With the exception of pumping)

Well that's all for now! I'm off to tend to my baby girl while her daddy watches the Clemson game! Happy Saturday all!

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