Hump day!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013
I have finally come up for air! These past few days have been hectic. Turns out our entire household is going through a cold. I don't feel great, but I don't feel awful. Just icky. On the upside, I have maintained almost perfect grades over these last five weeks. I'm grateful for the time management tables I took advantage of. People don't realize how much time they actually waste in a day.

This morning I am feeling so awful. Ava woke up earlier than usual (never happens). She is not a happy camper when she gets changed before she gets food. I did it anyway, because she soaked her diaper. Lately, Ava has been swinging her arms and smacking things out of our hands. This morning, that happened to be my cell phone. It fell down on her little face and I felt completely awful. First the cider in the face a couple weeks ago, now the phone on her sweet, baby face? Talk about feeling like a failure. I know as parents we can't be completely perfect. I just want to be as close to perfect as I can (when it comes to Ava) because she deserves the best. I'm really hard on myself when it comes to Princess A.

I also started packing Justin a lunch for work. Over his long weekend we crunched some numbers and realized by him eating out for lunch each day, we spend over $230.00! We were both shocked. So, for the sake of saving, we are packing his lunch. He actually gets more from me than he would a convenience store.

Tomorrow Miss Ava will be five months (be on the look out for that blog post) and I couldn't be more emotional. She's almost half of one year old. It's insane for me to think that soon I'll have a one year old. Fingers crossed that she will be spending her birthday among family. The compassionate reassignment is still underway. I don't know when we'll receive news, I'm hopeful it'll be soon. 

I decided that today is going to be a mommy and Ava day. Not that everyday isn't, but I'm usually trying to multi-task throughout the day. I actually read an article from one of my instructors about this. Apparently our minds can only focus on one task fully. Today my only task is snuggling my babe. She's asleep right now, which explains why I'm writing this. 

Well I'm off to look up recipes for the holidays. My admissions counselor actually told me about a recipe for pumpkin seeds. Brown sugar and such. Apparently it makes the seeds taste like kettle corn! I'm excited! Enjoy your Wednesday all! 

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