Bright, Sun Shiny Day

Thursday, November 7, 2013
My entire morning has been glorious. With Justin clearing, he's exempt from certain things that he'd normally be doing, like physical training. I guess the time interfered with a briefing he had, which gave me a whole 4 hours with him this morning, and for three of those hours, our daughter was sleeping. We never usually get time in the morning together (unless it's a weekend), and it has made me even more excited for forty days of leave. I was even able to do some yoga from home. I usually don't prefer to, due to all of Cooper's dog hairs covering my mat.

Today marks the start of a four day for Justin. Veteran's day is around the corner, I really can't wait to celebrate that! I think for part of the day we may explore a museum, monuments, something historic in Savannah. One thing about the South that I enjoy, is all the history. I took a trolley tour at the beginning of this year, and I learned SO much about almost every street in downtown Savannah. With Justin being such a history buff, I think it'll be a perfect way to spend our Saturday.

I think we are going to start buying boxes this weekend; We've received all this information about the dity (do it yourself) move, and now I'm overly excited to get started. I can't believe how much money there is to be made by moving ourselves. Not to mention the glorious feeling of knowing that our things won't be lost our damaged. Thanks to our trip to New York this summer, I'm not worried about driving with Ava in the car. She's such a good baby, I know this trip will be a breeze. If Fort Lewis, Washington is our next destination, I really want to take the road trip. Justin wants Ava and I to fly out, rather than road trip it with him. It makes sense, I just wanted to stick together, as a family.

Oh, I almost forgot! Day 7. I am thankful for online universities. If I weren't able to obtain my degree online, I don't think I'd be going back to school for awhile. I'm fortunate and very thankful that I get to stay home with my daughter, care for my home, and FINALLY get my BA in healthcare administration.

Looks like I'm off! Ava has been in a "don't put me down" phase, so I'm off to baby wear my bug, maybe take a walk in, enjoy this fresh air! Happy Thursday all!

♥- Leilani

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