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Friday, November 8, 2013
You're probably thinking that this is in regards to the compassion reassignment.. WRONG! I'm having a very emotional mommy morning. Yesterday, we had our biweekly home visit from Christa. Christa is apart of the new parent support program that I joined before Ava was born. I can't express how much Christa has helped me, influenced me, or made me feel like I am doing everything right! The program itself is worth taking a look at, if you are located on a military installation. Any who, Ava loves Christa. Always smiling and cooing at her when she visits. Apparently, Bug is in the "stranger danger" phase. I left the room for no more than two minutes, and I heard her crying. Not fussing, but legit bottom lip out, tears flowing, I felt so bad. Christa said she scanned the room for me, and when she couldn't find me, she started crying. Because Bug spends so much time, well all her time, with her parents, we are her normal. We are her constant. Although this is normal, I can't help but feel like this is my fault. Justin doesn't have a problem with this. He likes that Ava won't willingly go in the arms of a stranger like nothing is wrong. That is a definite plus, but I'm just concerned about her initial reaction to my family, even Justin's family.

Oh, I ordered Ava's highchair yesterday. I also ordered the rest of the items I needed to make Bug's baby food at home. Can you believe her highchair is already out for delivery? Sometimes, I love amazon prime! I'm going to spend this next week getting my Princess familiar with her highchair. Familiar with her utensils, and her bowls. I'm so glad we are going to ease her into this, rather than throw it at her at one time. Due to the potential pesticides in carrots, we decided to make sweet potatoes Ava's first baby food. We are also giving her juice this month! I ordered sippy cups for her! We are not putting juice in bottles! So many milestones for Ava bug this month. I cannot believe how fast this has all gone.

During my home visit with Christa, she asked what I wanted Ava to be as she got older. A question I think about often. I told her, I wanted Ava to be kind, to be warm. To be an extrovert, an optimist, funny, caring. Intelligent to a fault, giving, considerate. I want Ava to have the best attributes from her mommy, and her daddy. It was nice, thinking about who my baby is going to become. At the close of our meeting, Christa said something to me, that made me cry long after she left. She said, "I love who you are." That statement alone made me feel amazing. You hear things like that from your family, parents, or spouse, but Christa, had no reason to say that, other than the fact that she meant it. It was so nice, and touching, to have someone that has only known me a short while, say something so wonderful.

Before I start the waterworks, be on the lookout for videos! I never usually post photos of Ava (wanting to keep her beautiful face off of public blogs) but, I'm thinking I might post a video of her first time using a sippy cup, and her first time eating sweet potatoes. It's always fun to share this stuff with my family, so I thought I'd share it with my readers as well. Before I forget, here is Day 8. I am thankful for friends. They are people we CHOOSE to be apart of our lives. They are total strangers, that someday turn into someone we trust. Someone we cherish.

Alright all, I am off for the weekend! I hope you enjoy your loved ones this weekend! Hug a Veteran! Happy Friday!
♥- Leilani

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