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Monday, December 2, 2013
Today was kind of a wasted day. Well, not really. but instead of doing most of the things I intended to do.. I decided shopping for Christmas would be better. I got our Christmas tree topper, a few more ornaments, and a couple new outfits for Ava. Justin and I set out this morning to take care of some things at Pediatrics for Ava bug... that didn't happen. We can't even refill her vitamin d prescription because we already refilled a few days ago. I guess my biggest worry is having her run out before we get our PCM situation worked out. Breastfed babies need an extra dose of vitamin d, I don't want her to be without it. Here lately Bug has been making a funny noise.. when she breaths in it's like a wheezing sounds. I almost wish I would have taken a video, but I haven't. It scares me a little. She doesn't do it often, and it's mainly when she's excited.. but it's still there, and I'm still concerned.

I think we are opting not to drag her into urgent care or anything like that. I'm monitoring her, and it doesn't seem to carry into her sleep, and it's not so frequent, that I'm convinced something is really wrong. I am always reminded that babies make funny sounds when they are happy, sad, mad, etc. Today just did not go as planned. I planned on having a salmon night with a friend/neighbor.. that didn't happen. I planned on visiting with another friend later in the afternoon.. that didn't happen. I guess today was just full of things that weren't planned. As I'm writing this, everything still turned out okay. We managed to find a few things that still needed to be packed, and Princess A had her first serving of organic carrots. They were a hit! She loved them, and she ate an entire 2 oz.

I am so ready to not be living in a house full of boxes though.. This has been my life for over a week now.

The movers arrive tomorrow, and we get the 26 foot U-HAUL tomorrow as well. I can't believe this is my last night sleeping in my bed (as we are packing everything tomorrow). I can't believe we are leaving the house I brought Ava home from the hospital in. I can't believe we are moving away from the state I said goodbye and hello to Justin in. So many emotions running through my mind this easy. Georgia, you are so, so tricky. Here I thought I was going to make this move as easy as possible. No tears, no feelings, my family and I would just cruise on along to Texas.. So wrong! When you actually think about everything you're leaving behind, it gets you.

Well, here's to making these next couple days the most memorable and productive that I can. If you're reading this, and I didn't get a chance to say goodbye, I apologize. Thank you to everyone that helped me during my time here in Georgia. Everyone that was a comfort to me, that reached out to me, that befriended me. A special thanks to Laura A! If you are reading this, I just want you to know I appreciate you. From the first moment you saw a very scared and confused Army wife, you were there to help. Your words and your kindness never went unnoticed, and I thank you very much.

Alright, I'm getting all sappy eyed! Looks like I'm off to watch the Seahawks spank these Saints! I hope everyone enjoyed their Monday!

♥- Leilani

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